Kangaroo Buddies At Australian Zoo Have A Blast Practicing Their MMA Skills

When I was younger, I loved going to the zoo to watch the kangaroos. I knew they had little babies that looked like kidney beans and lived in their pouches and I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I loved the way they hopped, the way they cocked their heads to watch us back. Mostly, I loved they way they boxed. Now that I’m older I know that in the wild the boxing can get pretty brutal, but in captivity it never was. It was more like two kids sparring with each other in the backyard, and it was so much fun to watch. The two in this video are tussling with each other, but you can tell from the way they’re playing that there’s no way either of them will get hurt. This is all for fun. Take a look!

And that’s what I loved about watching the ones at the zoo when I was little. I never saw any of them get aggressive, so for me it was just two kids having a blast.

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