75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

One of our family’s Christmas traditions is making a big platter of cookies and handing out small plates filled with goodies to our neighbors. Here are 75 Cookie Recipes We Adore!75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Let’s get baking Christmas cookies!

Chocolate Cookie Recipes

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The kids LOVE it and even though it is several weeks away they are already planning on the types of cookies they want to make.  That is why we have compiled this GIANT list of Christmas Cookies Recipes that we love.

Yum! These Chocolate Amaretti Cookies, from Food and Wine, are tasty AND gluten-free!

These Deep Dish Chocolate Cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie are delish!

Food & Wine‘s Flourless Fudge Walnut Cookies are almost good for you!  

The Kitchen Is My Playground‘s Insanely Delicious Turtle Cookies are just that–insanely delicious!

Why does mint make me think of Christmas? Live, Love & Sugar‘s Triple Mint Chocolate Cookies are a tasty addition to a Christmas cookie platter! 

75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

The Best Chocolate Cookies

Dessert Now Dinner Later‘s Dark Chocolate and Cream Cookies were inspired by the Hershey’s bar–and they won’t disappoint!

Fashion Edible‘s French Chocolate Coconut Slices consist of a loaf that’s easy to make, cut, and serve!

Raspberries and Chocolate “ These dark chocolate cookies are perfect for Valentines day!

Are you making tons of cookies for Christmas and running out of oven space? Real Housemom‘s No-Cook Mint Bars are tasty and don’t require baking!

Real Housemom‘s Chocolate S’mores Cookies are the best of both worlds, chocolate and toasted marshmallows!

75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Classic Cookie Recipes

This Dipped Gingerbread recipe, from Tanni Everett, is a classic that tastes even better when dipped in white or dark chocolate!

Dash of Sanity‘s German Chocolate Cake Cookies are so delicious! I just love the gooey topping!

We love how all the flavors in Flour de Lis‘s Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Cookies come together!

HGTV‘s Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies are a fun twist on a classic.

Use leftover cookies or cake crumbs to make this tasty Cookie Butter. It’s so yummy on a bagel! What a fun and creative addition to Christmas breakfast!

75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

The Best Cookie Recipes

HGTV‘s Gooey Chocolate Crinkle Cookies look terrific on a Christmas Cookie platter. They’re also easy to make! 

These Pineapple Upside Down S’mores are a lot of work, but oh, are they tasty!

How pretty are Cook Eat DeliciousChocolate Pinwheels

You can’t go wrong when you double it all! Add Ingredients, Inc.‘s Double Chocolate Chip Peppermint Cookies to your Christmas baking!  

Mom of Uku For 2‘s Coconut Macaroons are  one of our family’s staples, year-round.

75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipes

Chocolate Covered Katie‘s Inside Out Peanut Butter Cookies are what dreams are made of! They are so creamy, they will melt in your mouth.

Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwich Cookies are the perfect rainy day cookie, because you probably already have everything you will need to make them! Check out Buns in My Oven for the recipe! 

Mix peanuts and macadamia nuts together to create the Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookie, with this recipe from Through the Cooking Glass. Substitute with sunflower seed butter if you have a peanut allergy.

Chocolate Covered Katie‘s No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites are protein packed cookies that are great as an after-school snack!

Use Peanut Butter Cups (or really, any similar type of candy) in Inspired Taste‘s Easy Bar Cookies with Peanut Butter Cups!

Rachel Schultz On Homemaking‘s Chocolate Filled Snickerdoodles offer a fun surprise inside– a rolo

These Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies, from Buns in My Oven, are a fun new way to enjoy a classic sandwich! 

Combine a classic cookie with a treasured coffeehouse drink! We are loving these Peanut Butter Chai Cookies from Real Housemoms! You can substitute another nut butter, like sunflower seed butter, or cashew butter, in place of the peanut butter, too!

These Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies, from Strength & Sunshine, are made with just 3 ingredients, and they are also vegan, grain-free, and sugar-free! 

Add a little peanut butter cookie to any cookie recipe, with this yummy Peanut Butter Frosting, from Sprinkle Some Sunshine75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Classic Christmas Cookies

Pecan Cake Balls   “ Your family and friends will enjoy these sugared balls.

Mint Thumb Prints “ Add a chocolate kiss to the center of mint sugar dough for a festive cookie.

Fat Cow Fudge “ this holiday fudge tastes so rich you will be amazed.

Filled Linzer Cookies  – This traditional German recipe just  screams Christmas to me.

Filled Thumbprint Cookies “ Your kids will love making these cookies.   Get a variety of jams to make your plate colorful.

White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Bites “ These are the perfect winter cookie  Love the variation on the traditional chocolate chip cookie.

Macaron’s – These colorful treats are the perfect cookie to add to a plate.


75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Mix and Match Cookie Recipes

Red Velvet Cookies “ You just need a box cake of Velvet Cake.  So easy!

Soft Yin-Yang Cookies “ Mix two types of cookies together “ it’s perfect for the person of indecision who can’t pick which cookie recipe to bake!

Double Cookie Goey Bar – This mixes the best of the brownie and cookie worlds.  You can make bar cookies from a cake mix and box of oreos.

Mint Filled Homemade Oreos “ You can make them any shape or size!

75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

No-Guilt Healthy Cookies

Healthy Apple Cookies – Cut slices of apple and top them with peanut butter, raisins and nuts.  Yum.

2 Ingredient No-Sugar Cookies “ These are a great breakfast option!

Breakfast Bites “ Almonds, Cranberries and Coconut are part of these tasty cookies.

Nutty Cookie Balls “ No Sugar and they can be adapted easily to be gluten-free.

75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Gluten (and Some Sugar) Free

Fruit Pizza-by-the-Slice “ Looks great on a plate, tasty and gluten-free.

Bean Cookies and Beet Icing “ Don’t knock it till you try it!  These cookies taste yummy, are all-natural, dye-free and good for you!

No-Flour, No-Sugar, No-oil Fudge Cookies “ It does not get any better!  Or tastier!

No Bake Cashew Cookies – These are a great healthy alternative for families who are sugar-wheat-free.

Hot Fudge Lara Bars “ not technically a cookie, but they taste as good and are better for you!

Chia Power Balls “ These are great on the go. Made with honey.


75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

The After School Cookies

Brown Sugar Bars “ These are easy to make double the cinnamon for extra spice.

Almond Butter Cookies “ With coconut, these are delicate and perfect companion to a cup of tea.

Gingersnoodle – A perfect cookie mashable recipe.  It is part gingerbread cookie, part snikerdoodle.

Sandwich cookies – You can make sandwich cookies with anything, including cream cheese, peanut butter and/or jelly.

Oreo Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie “ Best of both worlds.  Can’t wait to dunk these in some milk.

Whole Grain Ginger Cookies “ Sweetened with Molasses, these are the best whole grain soft ginger cookie out there.


75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies – These are a childhood favorite “ a family recipe.

Cherry Shortbread Cookies “ with white chocolate, these are pretty and yummy.

Lemonade in a cookie – these drop cookies have a delicate taste.  Feels like summer.

Unicorn Poop “ These baked goodies are a blast to make.  Use colored dough and add sprinkles.

Sparkler Cookies “ Dip wafer cookie in chocolate and add sprinkles for a fun colorful treat.

Ginormous Chocolate Chip Cookies “ The bigger the better.  These cookies are tasty and cook evenly even when huge.

Funfetti Cookies “ All you need to make these are three ingredients!

Thumbprint Cookies “ This classic Christmas cookie is easy enough for the kids to help create with you.   Build memories baking.

Italian Anisette Cookies “ For those of you who aren’t huge fans of anise, this recipe has an almond variation.  So colorful!


75 Cookie Recipes We Adore

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies “ Easy to make and they look stunning!  Perfect for a cookie platter.

Moist Pudding Cookies “ The secret to making these cookies so soft is the pudding.  Yum.

CookieDough “ You can eat it!!  These aren’t quite cookies, but bars of egg-free cookie dough.

Easy Peasy Chocolate Cookies “ and they look great too.  Just dust them with powdered sugar.

Chocolate Pecan Bars “ My grandmother has made these for family gatherings “ so GOOD!

Big Brownies “ because everything that is bigger is better!

Want a fun way to gift cookies?

Create a cookie basket from a paper plate!  You won’t believe how easy this hack is!

What is your favorite Christmas cookies recipes?  Please hop over to our FB page and share!


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More Cookie Recipes

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