In between visits to potential new homes, we stopped by our local Panera.   As we had half an hour to kill – and munching on cookies takes mere seconds with my kiddos – we had to draw out the “experience”.   Why not use our cookies and drink as an opportunity to practice fractions!   I was impressed with how fast the kids (especially my youngest preschooler) learned the different values.   In one or two practice runs, they were all able to differentiate between the different sizes of cookie bits. fractions cookies2. All you need to do is get a knife and begin cutting.   If my oldest were just a bit more comfortable with fractions and cutting, I’d let her do the cutting as a way to reinforce her knowledge.   Alas, I did the cutting today. fractions cookies

Questions to ask:

  • Which piece is bigger?
  • How many halves make up a whole cookie?
  • Would you rather have a sixth?   or a fourth?
  • Which size has the most m&ms?   Can you guess without counting?   How did you know it had more?
  • If we eat 1/4th of the cookie, how much is left?
fractions cookies Thanks Panera for the yummy cookies and learning fun!   Check out their new pumpkin spice latte – yummy!

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  1. That’s a great way to teach fractions. Once she’s old enough I may have to use pancakes though. Our two year old’s love of I-Hop pancakes knows no limits. Though Panera’s new pumpkin spice latte might sway our selection. Have a great weekend!

  2. Using yummy cookies to learn math is bribery 🙂 BTW, that picture is amazing- it looks like it should be in Good Housekeeping.

  3. Love the picture and the idea!

    I gave you an old-fashioned blog award. Feel free to keep and enjoy or share, as you wish.

    Have a great week!