Pineapple Upside down S’more Cookies

We recently came back from a camping trip in Amarillo, to visit the Palo Duro Canyon, with KOA. We had a blast!!

You can read all about it in our Camping Hacks and Tips post.

I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was. One of the kids said that they loved climbing the canyon walls, another child thought that swimming in the mud pits was the best, another kiddo had fun at the children’s museum in Amarillo… but they all, they ALL, loved the s’more variations that we tried.

pineapple smores

S’mores are our camping tradition.

We have made classic s’mores, campfire cones, even made playdough that was inspired by watching s’mores expand and contract!


pineapple smores recipe

Cut up big chunks of fruit.   We used pineapple and banana.   The pineapple was the kids favorite!   I bet it would taste good with strawberries too.   Stick the fruit and a giant marshmallow onto your roasting stick.   Then grill to perfection.

After your pineapple and the marshmallow are golden brown, slide them onto a chocolate chip cookie.

You have a morph between a pineapple upside down cake and a s’more.   TASTY!

pineapple smores recipe


What types of s’mores have your kids enjoyed??  Thanks KOA for hosting us for a fun weekend of cabin camping and s’more eating!

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