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With summer in full swing, I am constantly looking for fun activities and playdate ideas to keep my kids entertained. Today, I wanted to share some tips on how to host a cookie decorating party for kids.

Because who doesn’t love edible crafts? Plus, it’s a fun way to not only spend time with your family!

Cookie Decorating Party For Kids with a spaceship and gray frosting
Cookie decorating party for kids is a great way to combine crafting and treats.

What Is a Cake Decorating Party?

A cookie decorating party combines craft time and snack time — kids have the chance to use their creativity and imagination, and enjoy the fruits of their labor with a tasty treat when they’re done.

It’s a great time to spend time with friends or family and everyone has their own kits to work on.

Wilton Cookie Creations kits and aprons
These are the four different kits we chose.

Our Cookie Decorating Party

Our cookie decorating party for kids was super simple to put together, thanks to Wilton Cookie Creations Activity Kits.

We provided a kit for each child, along with a personalized apron. The kids were so excited to walk in and see all of the kits laid out on the table and to find their apron.

Customized white aprons with the kids names with the four cookie kits laid out next to them.
We customized the aprons to make the kids feel even more special!

The Kits We Chose

There are four different Wilton Cookie Creations kits:

We randomly placed the aprons and kits, and allowed the kids to trade if they wanted to. Everyone ended up with the kit they wanted, so it worked out really well!

Here a little girl is putting green icing on a castle and a little boy in blue is putting blue icing on a house. There is a ton of colorful candies and frosting everywhere. Sweetness mayhem!
Look how cute these kits are and how much stuff they come with!

You can see a good lay out of everything that comes with it here.

A small boy putting black icing on some unidentified cookie pieces against a jungle cardboard base.
So many delicious cookies! The tiger cookie looks like a giant animal cracker. Yum!

What Comes in the Kit?

Each kit comes with cookie pieces and everything you need to build and decorate your 3-D edible scene. 

This includes:

  • Frosting
  • Icing
  • Hard candies
  • Gummy Handies
  • Cardboard base
  • Fondant

The kids kept comparing building their scenes to making a gingerbread house during the holidays. They LOVED it!

A boy using a nice to cut yellow fondant and putting it on a castle cookie.
The yellow windows make the castle look like it is lit up!

As you can see they were hard at work decorating and perfecting their cookie crafts.

Little boy missing a front tooth is holding an astronaut cookie with a white suit, red and yellow buttons, and black and green shoes.
That astronaut is ALMOST too cute to eat.

I loved that everything was included in the kit — some had candy accents, some had candy characters, some had fondant icing to mold, some had cookie icing to pipe.

Little boy spreading red icing on his circus tent that has red and blue stripes and a little girl in pink is looking down.
This circus tent cookie is so cute.

I love the little addons that also came with the kits like the little princess you can see at the bottom of the castle next to the green jelly bushes.

A castle with a mash of sweets on it. It has a yellow roof and a blue roof with a random purple candy in the middle. Red icing is spread across the middle and grey icing on the sides. At the bottom there are green gummy bushes and a sugar princess.
The little princess is so cute and I think the gummy bushes are a good touch.

Something For Everyone!

There were different pieces perfect for kids of all ages — we had three year olds who loved spreading the icing and adding candy embellishments. We also had 10 year olds who enjoyed constructing the actual structures and decorating with more detail. There really was something to do for every kid!

And while we provided a kit for each child, these kits are large enough that you could purchase one kit to decorate and build together as a family.

The box the supplies comes in is a great way to store the different finished pieces — we wrote every child’s name on their box with a permanent marker and they kept all of their pieces and supplies in their box to take home.

Little boy in glasses eating a spaceship cookie with random frosting spread all over it.
The cookie party isn’t just about decorating. It is about eating the cookies too!

Of course, some couldn’t wait to bite into their delicious creations!

A castle with grey walls, yellow windows, blue roof, and green pushes with colorful rocks at the bottom. It also has green gummy bushes, a dragon and a princess.
This one is my favorite. It has a dragon! Who doesn’t love dragons?!

All these different themes are so cute and is perfect since everyone has different interests. It would be boring if we all liked the same things.

A gray elephant cookie with animals that are broken and laying around with yellow and orange frosting against a jungle background.
How adorable is the elephant cookie?

A Perfect Way To Express Yourself

I loved to see the different styles the kids used when making their cookie creations. Some followed the instructions and examples on the box and others used the supplies to make their own fun creation.

Space cookies against an outer space background. Stars, spaceship, escape pot, and an astronaut.
This is out of this world!

These ones had the instructions followed and they look just like the box almost. They’re so awesome. Every kid did a wonderful job.

A cookie circus with white, blue and red walls and lions and elephants.
Who needs to go to the circus when the circus can come to you?

Tips to Make Your Cookie Decorating Party for Kids a Success:

  • Prep your party area by laying down disposable tablecloths. When the party’s over, simply wrap up the tablecloths and throw away the empty and leftover supplies.
  • Give each child a workspace where they can keep their supplies. We used the boxes from our Wilton Cookie Creations Activity Kits to make this super simple.
  • Invite children to work together on their projects — We had several kids who helped each other construct their creations by holding pieces for their friends.
  • Provide aprons or ask party guests to come in clothes they don’t mind getting messy. Our kids had frosting everywhere — but that is part of the fun, right?!
  • And don’t forget to take a picture of the finished projects before everyone starts snacking!
Another castle, with blue tops, grey outlined walls, dragons in the air, a princess at the bottom with rocks and gummy bushes.
This cookie decorating party is perfect for any intimate get together!

Our kids had an amazing time — you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to host a cookie decorating party for kids! It makes a fun playdate or after school activity any time of year!

Don’t Have Time For A Cookie Party?

If you don’t have time to order kits and everything that is fine. We have other cookies you can make. We have Halloween cookie ideas and these awesome Darth Vader cookies.

If you don’t like any of those treats then try this unicorn food. It is a huge list of delicious rainbow sweets!

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