Halloween is a time for dressing up and what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a fun Halloween hairstyle?

Yes, you can decorate your hair and take Halloween to the next level!

Here Are Fun Halloween Hairstyles For Kids

I adore this hairstyle – it has orange and purple hair braided into her regular hair then plastic spiders attached.

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If your son wants something cool and unique for Halloween, he can have a spiderweb shaved into the side of his head. So cool!

All you need is some pipe cleaners and googly eyes to turn your daughter’s bun into a spider!

This hairstyle uses glow-in-the-dark braids to make it and it’s so cool at night!

Simple yet fun, just braid your child’s hair and add a bunch of spider rings.

Love these braids with spider webbing and fake spiders. Simple and adorable.

A little bit of spray paint and a bun and bam you have an adorable hairstyle like this.

Or choose to create your pumpkin bun with even more color…

Another fun idea for Halloween hair is to go super colorful in Halloween colors. We love this idea:

This looks a bit more complicated but is so cute!

One simple hair accessory can change everything to Halloween. What a great idea for a hair clip.

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