You know we love Kiwi Crate! They have amazing craft kits for kids always filled with great ideas and supplies to help  little imagination grow. Today I’m sharing the new Kiwi Crate Halloween kit and I think you’re going to love it! I’ve also got the new Koala Crate Halloween kit too (perfect for your littlest crafter). Each of these boxes is a ready to make set of Halloween Crafts for Kids. they come with everything you need to make the crafts including instructions. You  create the projects to look just like the photos of each kit or you can change it up and make your  cute Halloween crafts.

Kiwi Crate Halloween Kit

Kiwi Crate sent me two boxes to check out just for Halloween.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

There are  a whole bunch of fun Halloween craft kits you can order  from Kiwi Crate. I’m going to show you the fun inside the Kiwi Crate Halloween Lights kit and the Koala Crate Glow Pumpkin kit. My kids had a blast with both and there were enough supplies for everyone to have fun together!

Let’s start off with the Halloween lights kit.

The box comes with enough supplies to make 4 different lights. You get everything you need including the little jars and the faux candles and yes, they really work! I was really excited to find a bag of googley eyes and even the tissue paper for decoupage was pre-cut to size. The only thing I added to the craft table was a second sponge brush so both my kids could decoupage at the same time.

Kiwi Crate Halloween Lights kit

It’s like my hand is watching you! (Moms really do have eyes everywhere… right?)

My son made the spider light. The kit comes with Glitter Mod Podge that you use for all the decoupage in this project. We didn’t realize how glittery it was until it all dried. Look how fun this is! What I really love about this kit is how many different things the kids can make and the different skills they learn.

Kiwi Crate Halloween Kit

You kids can learn to decoupage (adding layers of paper to a project with a painted on glue). They also use their fine motor skills, creative thinking and a bit of hand technical thinking. Adding  spider legs turning into a strategic discussion as my son and I brainstormed the best way to attach the legs. The instructions do tell you how to get this step done, but there’s a little room to decide for yourself. How cute is this?!

Kiwi Crate Halloween Spider Light

My Daughter made the pumpkin/jack-o-lantern light. The kit comes with a sheet of self stick foam accessories. Tip: if you bend the sheet a little, it is easier to see where the cut lines are to peel off each shape.

We had a ton of fun, the three of us, playing with ideas and creating Halloween lights together.

Next my daughter and I tried out the Koala Crate Glowing Pumpkin Halloween craft kit. This kit comes with enough materials for a single finished pumpkin, however there are enough jack-o-lantern pieces to use for more projects. You could easily take the entire project apart and make it again a few times. You could also use the extra pieces to create some cute Halloween faces on your own cardstock… make a Halloween bookmark, mini sign or some other  halloween craft.

Halloween Craft from Koala Crate

This Halloween craft kit comes with a fantastic instruction booklet that walks you through the steps to create this cute little glowing pumpkin. Koala Crate offers craft kits that are perfect for your littlest crafters. The projects are designed for kids ages 3-4 although my older kids like making them too. Materials are easy to handle and the crafts are simple enough  that your preschooler can finish  while keeping their interest in the activity. Even the box is packed with brightly colored tissue paper that you can use in another project.

Glowing pumpkin kit

We spent some time deciding which face would be the most fun. My daughter is a cute pink and glitter loving girl, so she wanted the cutest, sweetest face she could create. The black fuzzy jack-o-lantern stickers that come in the kit offer so many choices!

Cute glowing Halloween pumpkin craft for kids

One of my favorite  things  about this Halloween craft kit  is that is comes with a cord that you can include so your kids can wear the glowing pumpkin. Make it on Halloween and your kids can wear it out for trick-or-treating!

Hop over to the Kiwi Crate website to  buy this cute glowing pumpkin Halloween Craft kit for your kids!

We have a few craft materials left from this Koala Crate kit and 2 more Halloween lights to make in our Halloween lights kit… I can’t wait for a second round of fun Halloween crafting with my kids!

Fun with Halloween Crafts for Kids from Kiwi Crate

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