We love these night time activities for kids inspired by all things night…but not necessarily bed time! We have a cool list of night activities that include stars, moon, dark and more. Kids of all ages will love exploring the night through crafts and activities that work well at home or in the classroom.

Night time activities for kids - collage of 6 family night activities including crafts inspired by the stars and moon and glow in the dark games like bowling - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s have some Night Time Activity Fun!

Quality Time Night Time Activities We Love

Whether you are learning more about stars and moon or just want some fun family time, we have a selection of fun things to do with kids that are all related to night time.

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Instead of being afraid of the dark, let’s embrace it with some really fun night activities.

Night Time Crafts Inspired by Stars

1. Glowing Sensory Bottle for Bedtime

Night time activity idea - make a glowing calm down jar with glow in the dark stars shown here on white background
Make a Night Time Jar

Make your own sparkling night time in a jar. This calm down jar or falling stars jar is one of my favorite easy crafts on Kids Activities Blog. The glow in the dark stars will make a gentle night light beside your bed. Making the starry night jar is a fun night time craft.

If you are looking for some variations on this star craft, check out:

2. Night Time Coloring Pages

Night time activity idea - printed star coloring pages on white background
Color the Stars!

Download and print these cute (and cheerful) star coloring pages for kids.

3. Fun Constellation Sewing Cards

Night time activity idea - constellation sewing cards shown printed and with yellow and red yarn
Sew the Constellations!

Celebrate constellations with these free printable sewing constellation cards that you can use for stitching.

4. Stargazing Craft & Activity

Night time activity idea - paper towel roll telescope craft with printable constellation cards with the text: star gazing paper tube telescope free printables
Gaze at the Stars no Matter what time of day.

Make this cool telescope craft and use the printable constellation cards to gaze at the stars.

5. Day and Night Paper Plate Craft

Night time activity idea - paper plate night and day activity shown in a hand with a gray background
Night and Day Craft using a Paper plate!

I love this cute paper plate craft from Non-Toy Gifts! Use the printable template and make your own night and day wheel for home!

6. Flashlight Constellation Activity

Night time activity idea - make constellations on the wall with a flashlight - text: flashlight solar system
Constellations can be as close as the nearest wall…

Grab a flashlight and create your own flashlight wall constellations with our printable constellation cards.


Night time activity idea - shoe box constellation craft with child's hand
Make your own starry sky!

What a fun upcycle of a shoe box from Rainy Day Mum! Make a starry night sky including your favorite constellations.

8. Learn to Draw a Star

Night time activity idea - learn to draw a star tutorial printed pdf on white background with pencil and art supplies
Let’s learn to draw a star!

Follow the simple printable steps how to draw a star and start sketching your own night sky.

9. Fold a Dollar Bill into a Star Origami

Night time activity idea - finished star origami made out of a dollar bill on yellow background
Fold a Falling Star…

Fold a simple dollar bill origami star by following the simple step by step tutorial!

10. Night and Day Agamograph Template

Night time activity idea - night and day agamograph held by hand

Turn night into day and day into night with this agamograph template from Easy Peasy and Fun.

Glow In the Dark Night Time Activities


These easy DIY glow in the dark balloons are fun to make and a blast for glow in the dark games.

12. Glowing Bubbles for Kids

Night time activity idea - glow in the dark bubbles on sidewalk
Make your own glow in the Dark bubbles

Let’s make glow in the dark bubbles!

13. Glow in the Dark Bowling

Night time activity idea - lit up water bottles with colored glow in the dark colors on black background
Make Your Own glow in the dark bowling game

Make this easy DIY glow in the dark bowling set with water bottles from Crafts by Amanda!

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14. Make Glow in the Dark Slime

Night time activity idea - glow in the dark slime against a black background
Let’s Make Glow in the Dark Slime tonight

Our easy glow in the dark slime recipe is super fun to make!

Night Time Activities Inspired by the Moon

15. Explore the Phases of the Moon

Night time activity idea - phases of the moon printable pdf worksheet
Have fun learning the phases of the moon with this printable worksheet

Learn about the phases of the moon with this printable worksheet.

16. Make Your Own Moon Rocks

Night time activity idea - finished moon rock craft with text, diy moon rocks
Let’s make our own moon rocks!

This moon rock craft is awesome and perfect for a family activity or slumber party.

17. Make Moon Sand

Night time activity idea - plastic container full of green moon sand
Let’s make moon sand!

This simple moon sand recipe can be made at home and enjoyed by all!

Have a Fun Family Night

17. Host a Family Movie Night

We love family-friendly movies and hosting your own movie showing for family nights is a fun way to spend together time. Grab some snacks, a blanket and we recommend pizzas for family fun for the WHOLE family! Oh…don’t forget the popcorn!

18. Host a Family Game Night

In our house fun nighttime activities include board games or backyard games on summer nights. Try one of these fun night ideas for some friendly competition:

19. Host a Scavenger Hunt

You don’t have to run all over town for your own scavenger hunt! Consider throwing a family scavenger hunt at home:

20. Build a Pillow Fort

Make your own blanket tent in the living room using pillows, sleeping bags and anything else you can find for construction. Kids of all ages will love creating a family space…even your toddlers can get involved.

21. Make a Night Light

Night time activity idea - finished 3 diy night lights
Let’s make some night light.

Make a DIY night light together.

Use these family night ideas to celebrate the night…before bedtime! What night time activities did I miss that are your favorite?

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