Our favorite  game in our house is  a  flashlight scavenger hunt. We started playing  flashlight games  when  we were trying to come up with activities for family game night.  It was getting darker earlier, so we decided to take advantage of the darkness  and grab some  flashlights.  It didn’t take my daughter long to figure out how much fun it can be to play  stuck inside  games after dark… This flashlight scavenger hunt is an easy indoor game. Pinning for a rainy day. My daughter  instantly loved playing  indoor games after dark because she got to use her own flashlight! Somehow a  flashlight makes everything more fun. Even though this game is simple to set up, kids will be begging to play it all winter long…

What You Need for a Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

  • Flashlights <—yep, that’s plural…each kid will want their own! 🙂
  • Map
Our first flashlight scavenger hunt was with the alphabet.  But, this time, we really wanted it to be like a scavenger hunt with clues. flashlight scavenger hunt - an fun inside game for kids

How to Play a  Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Draw a map of your house and write some clues for things to find in each room.  Write clues that match your map, so kids can find them as they walk. Start at the X and see if you can find the answer to every clue before getting back to the X.  Our clues were pretty obvious because my kids are still in preschool and younger, but with older kids, you could really get creative! Then, turn off the lights in your house. We  left a few on for my kids so that they wouldn’t trip or fall.  Then, let the kids go!

Some Things to Look For…

  • Rhyming words: can you find something that rhymes with glue?  —> a shoe
  • Numbers/Letters
  • Colors/shapes
  • Photos of friends/family or pictures
  • A favorite toy or stuffed animal
Kids will love getting to play this nighttime game when they’re stuck indoors.  It’s amazing how entertaining a map and a flashlight can be.

Pair these activities with an awesome new  Flashlight Book!

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