Kids will have fun learning about their favorite stars and constellations with these fun constellation sewing cards, also called lacing cards or lace-up cards. Invite your kids to have fun navigating their way around the star paths while honing their hand-eye coordination skills. Constellations for kids activities like these lace up cards work great at home or in the classroom.

text: Star Gazing learning about the constellations during daylight hours - three constellations for kids cards shown with Orion, Little Dipper and Big Dipper with yarn on white background - Kids Activities Blog
Constellations for kids! Love this fun star activity.

Printable Star Sewing Cards with Constellations

Kids will learn the constellations in no time with this simple hands on activity. A quick download of our constellation printable, paper punch, thread or yarn and a kid-safe needle is all it takes for kids to enjoy this fun constellation activity.

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Tip: For younger kids make the holes a little bigger and you can capture some wool inside a small piece of pipe cleaner and bend it to form a “needle.” Super safe!

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Download your Printable Constellation Star Sewing Cards 

Learn the Constellations

There are three sets of constellation sewing cards.  Each set has a pair of constellations to explore.  Check out the pictures below of each of the constellations in the sky.

1. This lacing card pair features the constellations, Andromeda and The Little Dipper.

Constellation Sewing Cards - Set 1 - Andromeda and The Little Dipper

2. These kids sewing cards feature the constellations, The Big Dipper and Canis Major.

Constellation Sewing Cards - Set 2

3. This pair of kids sewing cards feature the constellations, Orion and Cassiopeia.

Constellation Sewing Cards - Set 3

More Constellation Information for Learning

1. Big & Little Dipper Position in the Sky

Constellations that inspired the sewing cards - Big Dipper and Little Dipper

Constellation Sewing Cards Set 1 & 2 feature The Little Dipper and the Big Dipper. See how the North Star can be easily identified when you find the big and little dipper constellations in the sky.

2. Orion Constellation

Orion Constellation inspiring the constellation sewing cards

Orion is a constellation named after the Greek mythology hunter. It can be identified easily and is best seen in the month of January.

3. Andromeda Constellation

Andromeda Constellation inspired lacing cards

The Andromeda constellation is also called The Chained Lady and is a little more difficult to identify in the sky, but best observed in the month of November.

constellation craft and learning activity for kids

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Did this activity for constellations for kids delight your children?

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