Let’s learn to fold origami owls! We have a collection of the coolest origami owl projects online. Whether you are looking for an easy origami owl for beginners or a more complicated origami owl creation, we have the cutest origami owl for you! Kids of all ages will be entertained for hours with these fun origami owl projects.

Easy Origami owl projects for kids - 7 origami owl projects pictured for kids from colorful 3d origami owls to flat folding projects - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s create fun origami owl projects together!
Easy Origami owl projects for kids - 5 origami owl projects pictured for kids from colorful 3d origami owls to flat folding projects - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s create fun origami owl projects together!

Best Origami Owl Projects for Kids

There are so many things you can do with a square piece of paper, but our favorite thing to do is simple origami owl crafts. Folding a paper owl feels magical and kids of all ages will love the origami adventure.

Why owls? Owls appear as wise, ominous creatures that intrigue kids and adults alike. Maybe it’s because they love all the cute owls in Harry Potter’s movies. We will never know! What we do know is that this compilation of origami owl projects has something for everyone: toddlers and kindergarteners will have fun creating the simple owl crafts while elementary-aged children and older kids will enjoy the challenging ones. Enjoy making your own paper owl crafts!

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How to Make an Origami Owl

1. Simple Origami Owl

This origami owl craft is perfect for beginners too.

This easy and simple origami owl is great for kids and beginners. Get some googly eyes for the cutest owl paper craft! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

2. How to Make an Origami Owl

This realistic owl paper owl is very simple to make.

Make these gorgeous origami owls to decorate your home. This one is not difficult to fold as long as you are able to make a bird base form. From Love to Know. Just make basic folds and fold along the dotted lines. Dotted lines are the perfect beginner’s guide.

3. Cute & Easy Owl Origami

An owl art project perfect for younger kids.

This easy owl origami from Pink Stripey Socks only requires two supplies (origami paper and markers) in 10 steps you’ll have your own paper owl too.

4. An Easy Guide to Becoming an Origami Owl Expert!

3 Very detailed origami folded owls from Born Realist standing in a line with large eyes on a light background
Aren’t these owls crafts the cutest?

To make this easy owl craft, you need to start with an origami bird base (a popular origami starting point for different types of birds) and in less than 6 minutes you’ll have a unique owl craft. From Born Realist.

5. 4 Ways to Fold an Origami Owl for Kids

There’s a perfect owl craft for every kid!

Check out these 4 basic origami owl crafts – from simple folds for toddlers and kindergarteners, to a bit more complicated owls for older kids. From Tratatuha.

6. Easy Origami Owl for Beginners – Video Tutorial

Simply follow the video instructions to create a simple origami owl! From Instructables.

7. Cute Origami Owl Finger Puppet

Make an owl puppet for each finger!

Maggy from Red Ted Art shared a fun way to make easy origami owl finger puppets – which also double as doodle owls. So pretty!

8. 3D Origami Owl for More Advanced Folding Skills

We love bright colorful art projects!

This 3D origami owl from Cut Out + Keep is perfect for Fall or Halloween decor.

9. Simple Owl Paper Folding Craft

Little kids will love making an owl paper folding craft.

This owl folding craft is suitable for kids as young as kindergarten, as it just needs a square piece of paper and a lot of creativity (+ patience!). From A Blog From The Pond.

10. Easy Owl Origami Bookmark Design

I can’t get over how cute these origami owl bookmarks are.

We love art projects that are also useful in every day life – just like these easy owl origami bookmarks from Red Ted Art. Perfect for all owl craft lovers!

11. Quick Owl Origami Folding Technique

These unique origami owls are super original!

This printable owl origami from Krokotak is very easy – just print the template, make some folds on the left side, on right corners, a firm crease, and you’ve got a cute paper owl craft!

12. Basic Origami Owl Tutorial

Follow the simple instructions to create this paper owl.

This origami owl is one of the easiest ways to make a paper owl, even for younger kids. From Origami Amazing.

13. Fold Your Own Origami Owl Pencil Topper

Easy origami owl pencil toppers!

Looking for more easy paper crafts? Your little one will love making an origami owl pencil topper that doubles up as a beautiful paper owl finger puppet. Yay! From Red Ted Art.

14. Make an Origami Owl

Another fun origami craft suitable for younger kids.

Let’s learn how to make an origami owl (easy enough for beginners and younger kids) with a square piece of paper or napkins and a pair of scissors. From Wonder How To.

15. How To Make An Easy Origami Owl

Just follow the diagram step by step!

Grab some square paper and follow the simple instructions to make this pretty paper owl. From Origami Tutorial.

16. Origami Owl Instructions

Another simple origami owl that starts with the origami bird base. We recommend using multi-colored origami paper if you want to get more creative. From Origami Instructions.

17. 3D Origami Owl Step by Step

What a lovely 3D origami owl!

With some simple folds, on the center line, sides of the model, and a top triangle, your little ones will be able to make a fun 3D origami owl. From Paper Crafts.

18. More Advanced Origami Owl Idea

This owl is adorable!

Grab your favorite origami paper and make this wide-eyed owl! This paper craft is more suitable for older kids. From My Owl Barn.

19. Origami Baby Owl instructions and tutorial

This adorable baby owl is easy enough for kids of all ages.

We love this cute origami baby owl made with one square of paper! This paper owl is an easy origami model that can stand on its feet. From Origami Plus.

20. Colorful Origami Owl Folding Instructions

This is the perfect Halloween decoration!

Grab a piece of your favorite square paper, and follow the origami owl tutorial for a super easy origami owl – ideal for beginners. From Gathered How.

21. Origami Owl: Wall Decoration Idea

You can use this decoration any other time of the year, too.

Here’s another exciting owl Halloween decoration – this time it’s a framed owl. With some simple folds on the left side, right side, back side, etc, you’ll have a beautiful paper owl. From Craft Ideas For All.

22. How to Fold a Traditional Origami Owl

This traditional origami owl is very easy to make.

Follow this simple guide that will show you how to fold the traditional origami owl. From U can Do Stuff. All you need is a single square sheet of paper and to follow the directions to make a complete owl! It even has a beak!

23. How to Make an Origami Owl

In 12 easy steps, your kiddo will be able to make their own owl. Younger ones might need adult assistance with the scissors, but this craft is perfect for kids of all ages! From Armory Arts. This is a great beginner’s guide using basic skills and basic techniques.

24. Owl “Nightwatch” Origami

This video shows in easy steps how to fold a fantastic origami owl called “Nightwatch” designed by Kay Kraschewski.

25. How to make an origami Owl?

Making an origami owl has never been so easier before.

This wonderful owl origami is very easy and you don’t even need scissors or glue – one square sheet will be enough. From Origami Easy. And to think, by following this step by step tutorial, you can make a very easy origami owl using a piece of square paper.

Our Experience Making Origami Owls

I know it can seem a little intimidating when you first start origami. Fold the left corner, the top corner, the bottom corner, the top flap, top player…it can seem daunting. But each of these owl origami tutorials are easy to do. Kids of all ages and adults should be able to make the cutest origami owls! My kids and I had a blast making our very own owls. We hope these origami owls are the inspiration you need to continue making fun origami animals and crafts.

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What was your favorite origami owl craft?

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