18+ Paper Crafts for Kids

There is something about fall time, my kids love to craft this time of year.  You can find our art table covered with scraps of paper, glue, crayons and paint.

Here are just a few of the projects our kids have either done, or dreamed of doing – all with paper!!

the best paper crafts for kids


Creative Paper

Use a piece of paper as your canvas for a fun sewing project. These colorful leaves are fun with yarn sewn through them.

What a great way to re-purpose an old book into a tabletop craft. Make a Book Pumpkin.

Patterns are fun for kids to learn to make. The repetition is good for their brains, and weaving is a great way to help kids recognize patterns in art. Check out these woven circles.

Too cool!! Make oriental fans using paper plates.


paper crafts for kids


Make masks with paper, markers and random craft supplies from around your house.

What a whimsical silly bird – all you need is paper, paint and feathers.

Twist paper into a fun basket and weave it together.

Flying snake that you can make from a paper plate. YOur kis will love whirling this around.

More masks. These masquerade masks were crafted from paper plates.

Weave place-mats, gift wrap, and more. This used to be one of my favorite paper crafts when I was a kid.


18 kids crafts made of paper with the wow-factor

Get Crafty

Paper boats – with just a couple folds your kids can become champion puddle sailors.

What a cute way to spruce up your table and use up art work that is covering your fridge with these DIY Luminaries.

Make an eyeball that actually blinks with this origami craft.

Go big! This paper weaving is awesome! What a fun wall installation that your whole family can make together.

Got regular paper weaving down? Ready for a challenge? Try these paper hot air balloons.

TONS of crafts for kids using paper

Paper projects don’t need to be flat. Go 3D with paper cubes. The sky is the limit when you build  with these.

Giant Paper Pinwheels. Decorate to your hearts content… Your kids will not stop twirling them until they break.

Roses. Twist paper plates, coffee filters and even plain paper into roses. These are addictive!

Use cupcake liners or paper circles to create these goofy owls. They are a cute preschool craft.

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