You heard that right, a Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear! With The Mandalorian‘s second season coming out at the end of October, everything Baby Yoda has been trending like crazy.

Of course, ever since the cute little character made his appearance in the first season, we’ve fallen in love with him!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear in brown robe using the force and drinking from a soup bowl that says "The Force is Strong With This Little One" and a blue frog poking out of it.

Mandalorian toys have been coming out everywhere, but now kids can combine the fun of Build-A-Bear with their favorite Star Wars character!

Even if they just got a Baby Yoda LEGO set, or are learning how to draw Baby Yoda, you can’t pass up the opportunity to get them this adorable Baby Yoda stuffed animal!

How to Get a Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear

Whether you want to visit a Build-A-Bear store and join in on the magical fun of creating your own stuffed friend, or you want to order one online, everyone can get their very own Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear, starting at just $44!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear plush in a brown robe using the force.

There are so many options for your Baby Yoda plush! The Build-A-Bear comes with the original brown robe that Baby Yoda wears in the show, but you can get your own clothing and accessories for him.

What’s even better is that you can get packaged deals for around $50 with a 5-in-1 sound chip, a sound chip with The Mandalorian theme song, or both!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear Clothing and Accessories

If you want to dress up your Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear in more than just his adorable brown robe, there are some other cute options made just for him!

Baby Yoda Pajamas

If your Build-A-Bear gets sleepy, this super comfy and cute pajama onesie is perfect and only $12.50!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear pajama onesie. Blue with green hems and Baby Yoda images of him standing and in his pod scattered around.

Baby Yoda Shirt

This adorable and casual t-shirt for $8.50 can be paired with any of Build-A-Bear’s options in pants or shorts!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear t-shirt item, dark blue with green hems and a picture of Baby Yoda in his pod with the words "The Child" above him.

Protect, Attack, Snack Shirt

This $8.50 Baby Yoda shirt is so cute and has a quote that’s become quite popular for Baby Yoda!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear t-shirt item, dark green with three images of Baby Yoda that each say "Protect," "Attack," and "Snack."

Baby Yoda Soup Bowl with Frog

For just $12.50, accessorize your Baby Yoda stuffed friend with his signature soup bowl, and his favorite thing to eat: a frog!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear in brown robe holding a soup bowl that says "The Force is Strong With This Little One" with a blue frog sticking out of it.

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear Carrier

Once your done making your new Build-A-Bear friend, take him home in this specialized bag for an additional $6.95!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear brown bag carrier with a green top and Baby Yoda in the center of it with the words "Star Wars The Mandalorian Build-A-Bear" surrounding it.

Enjoy Your New Baby Yoda Plush!

Now that you have everything you need for your Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear, take him home to some precious bedding and a Baby Yoda night light! Add to your Baby Yoda collection and get ready for the new season!

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