Have a small room or small playroom? Here are great ways to organize toys in small spaces using baskets, bins, walls, and more! We have great toy storage ideas for kids’ rooms. From storage bins, to plastic bins, wire baskets, and more, you can keep your kids’ toys all neat and in order.

26 Ways to Organize Toys in Small Spaces

How To Organize Toys In Small Spaces

With a tiny (closet-sized) playroom, I struggle constantly with how to organize toys in small spaces.

And with all the toys that we have, it’s important to me to be able to  organize toys cheap so that it’s easy on my pocketbook. These solutions are just what I needed to clear out the clutter and keep toys from taking over our home!

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Ways to Organize Toys in Small Spaces

Do It Yourself Projects

Do-it-Yourself Projects

1. Forward Facing Bookshelves

Forward-facing bookshelves are a perfect way to utilize space behind a door, via Tried and True.

2. Easy Organization Project

Bag up your kids’  toys with  an easy organization project from Make It Perfect.

3. LEGO Storage Stool

Make a Lego storage stool to keep blocks  off the floor and put away, via Kids Activities Blog.

4. Flip Down Wall Art

Build  a flip down wall art desk  with this project by Ana White.

5. PVC Pipe Organization

Keep costumes put away using PVC pipes with this simple project from The Nerd’s Wife.

6. Stuffed Animal Swing

Make a stuffed animal swing with this project from It’s Always Autumn (link unavailable).

7. LEGO Storage Mat

Create a LEGO storage mat with these easy instructions from Kids Activities Blog.

8. Over The Door Barbie Organizer

Sew a custom over-the-door Barbie organizer, just like A Girl and a Glue Gun.

9. Pegboards To Hang Large Toys

Use pegboards to hang large toys — like construction trucks — off the ground, via Apartment Therapy.

Tips and Advice for Organizing Toys

Tips and Advice for Clearing Out the Clutter

10. Maximize Wall Space

Maximize wall space  to keep toys organized in a small space with these hacks from  From Faye.

11. Closet Makeover

This closet makeover from Kids Activities Blog offers some easy tips when you’re ready to organize toys in small spaces.

12. Toy Organization Hack

Regulate how many toys your child can play with  at a time using this  toy organization hack  from Dallas Moms Blog.

13. How To Keep Your House Organized

Keep your house organized with kids with advice from fellow moms, via Kids Activities Blog.

14. Cover Cluttered Bookshelves

Need more storage space? Let’s focus on making more room on the bookshelves in your children’s room. Cover cluttered bookshelves with this hack from Plumberry Pie.

15. Photo Label Storage Boxes

Use photos of your child’s toys to label storage boxes, via Simplify In Style. This will not only help your little girl or little boy find their stuff easily, and you, but these beautiful baskets will help them know where to put stuff too.

Repurpose Household Items

Repurpose Household Items

16. Laundry Basket Storage

Skip the small storage baskets and use laundry baskets! Use laundry baskets to keep toys off the floor, and other great tips from Beauty Through Imperfection. Such a clever storage option to make more storage space.

17. Treasure Organization

I love these kids bedroom storage ideas. Let them keep their treasures (and you keep the playroom organized!) with this genius idea from Kids Activities Blog.

18. Magnetic Strip Toy Car Organization

Here are some more idea for kid’s room storage!Use a magnetic strip to store toy cars. Genius tip from Thrift Decor Chick.

19. Towel Rack Craft Organizer

Hang craft supplies on a towel rack using cups with this hack from Attempting Aloha.

20. Under The Bed Organization

Utilize gaps under the bed with this great tip from That’s My Letter.

21. Shoe Storage Bag

Use a shoe storage bag to organize small toys by color, via Kids Activities Blog.

22. Storage Bench Seating

Looking for more kids room organization ideas? Create storage bench seating with an easy DIY from I Heart Organizing.

23. Stuffed Animal Cage Using A Bookshelf

Make a stuffed animal cage using a bookcase with this idea from The Griffiths Garden.

24. Crate Seating And Storage

Turn crates into seating and storage with this project from The Boutons.

25. Bookcase Wall Display

Want more kids bedroom storage ideas? What about hanging a bookcase on the wall to display toy trains, via Green Kitchen.

26. Repurposed Flower Planters

Repurpose flower planters to store stuffed animals on the walls with this project from Mommity.

27. Kid Tested Ideas To Organize

And don’t miss 15 Kid-Tested Ideas to Organize Toys.

28. Amazing Declutter Course

If you are ready to organize the entire house (declutter, clean & organize), we LOVE this declutter course!   It’s room by room & perfect for anyone!

Some Of Our Favorite Organization Tools:

Want more easy ways for kids’ room organization or need more closet organization ideas? There are our favorite organizational ideas that you can buy if you don’t have a lot of time and only have a certain amount of space. Nobody has time for a sea of toys to be everywhere and with a little help, little kids (and big kids) will be able keep their rooms organization easier.

MOre Organization Tips From Kids ACtivities Blog:

Do you have any organization tips for small rooms? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Yes, we love these toy storage ideas for small spaces because when you have kids no space ever seems big enough! ha

  2. You have some great ideas! I especially like the stuffed animal swing and the “over the door barbie organizer.” Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. kids love to play, and parents will see the haphazard room with enormous toys. The hardest thing after playing is to sort toys. It’s become an impossible mission. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas for kids toy storage in a small space.