I found blue light glasses on Amazon that actually work!

Awhile back, I decided to get some kids blue light glasses, because I was wowed by how much they can reduce eye strain. The selection of blue light glasses on Amazon overwhelmed me, at first. They have been so perfect for study time, so far.

I never would have expected that I could be doing even more!

My family, with all of our added time in front of the screen, seems to be falling into the pit of blue light-related sleeping issues.

It is frustrating to me, as a mom, to see my kids struggling.

In one of my group chats, another mom and I were talking about sleep problems. It was a relief to hear my children aren’t the only ones struggling to adjust and have a healthy sleep schedule.

One mom mentioned something about wearing amber tinted glasses, not just anti blue light glasses with clear lenses. She said that her son – who is a gamer – found out about them and convinced her to buy some. Apparently, too much blue light before bed can throw off our little ones’ natural sleep/wake cycle. This was his compromise

(I’m including Amazon affiliate links to the awesome glasses my friend told me about, below! I already ordered some for my whole family, with Amazon Prime! I have a FREE trial for that, if you’d like to try Amazon Prime for yourself! )

Does Blue Light Make it Harder to Sleep?

Before then, I had not even thought that blue light before bed could be the reason for their poor sleep. With all that is going on, letting them watch some Fortnite streams before bed seemed like the least of our issues.

Young boy playing on a tablet, after school.

Poor sleep leads to bad attitudes and poor grades, unfortunately. I really want to help my kids succeed in school. That means they have to succeed at sleep, first.

Thankfully, she found Amazon has some really great blue light glasses available! Lots of reviews were read, and she scoured amazon for the best options.

The blue light blocking glasses she ordered arrived super fast! She had already started using them with her kids and seen great results, by the time we spoke. I was stunned!

Her son NEVER wakes himself up, in the mornings. But! The other day she caught him already up and playing with the dog after a good night’s rest.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

What Do Blue Light Glasses Help?

Again, the American Optometric Association helped me understand exactly what blue light glasses help. They are limiting our eye’s exposure to the harmful effects of blue light. Studies show which is believed to cause your retina to degrade later in life.

Along with this, blue light glasses also help our body’s sleep/wake cycle when worn 2-3 hours before bed.

Do Blue Light Glasses Work for Sleep?

Healthline explains it really well! When it is daytime, our eyes receive a lot of blue light. Blue light helps us to be healthy, happy, and active, during the day.

The light from computers and other screens simulate this same effect, on our brains. The NIH has stated that light-emitting screens negatively affects sleep – including circadian timing. They even go as far to say it impacts your next-morning alertness. Blue light glasses work by blocking 80% of blue-violet light wavelengths.

Blocking these wavelengths helps your brain to understand that it is closer to time for bed. This helps your brain to understand that it is getting dark, despite the computer screens.

Blue light blocking glasses allow your brain to begin going into the mode that produces the sleep hormone melatonin.

Which Blue Light Glasses Are Best For Sleep?

Image courtesy of Amazon.

In a short time, my friend found amazing results with BLUBlox Kids Sleep+!

Sleep+ is the world’s most advanced blue and green light blocking glasses. Blocking ALL Blue/Green light between 400nm and 550nm. They simulate the very frequencies of light that are needed to help the brain begin melatonin production. There is the data to prove they are the most effective blue light glasses I’ve found on Amazon.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

The frames are comfortable on small faces and have durable hinges! For less than $100, they block all needed frequencies of blue light to promote melatonin production.

I did a little digging of my own. Found that BLUBlox is a really well-trusted brand of available on Amazon blue light glasses. Their stylish adult frames have hundreds of five star ratings! Being trusted to help all ages makes me feel good about my purchase.

Where to Buy Blue Light Glasses?Amazon!

Many reviews mentioned how quickly adding these anti blue light glasses to their sleep routine helped. This school year is hard enough without worrying about poor sleep. I know that a good night’s sleep is crucial to my children’s success.

With that, I was sold! I let my husband pick out his own frames, even! They were all so stylish, even he couldn’t choose wrong.

A wonderful addition to these, for me, is these glasses also help the company do good in the world. They have partnered with not-for-profit Restoring Vision to donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in the developing world for every pair of BLUblox glasses sold.

The amber glass really does a great job blocking blue light. Wearing them for 2-3 hours before bed time will really help our kids’ sleep habits. When it came to digging through Amazon blue light glasses, I found so many products that didn’t provide the same sleep benefits as these. I’m really excited for my purchase to arrive!


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