Here at Kids Activities Blog, we have been on a space kick recently. We are just fascinated at all the newest space developments, including how SpaceX docked at the International Space Station back in May.

If your kids are as fascinated as ours with everything that happens outside Earth, you will love the LEGO International Space Station!

LEGO International Space Station
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This super cool LEGO set allows you to build your very own International Space Station. It even comes with a nearly 150 page book full of facts and information about the ISS.

Courtesy of Amazon

The LEGO International Space Station is designed with adult collectors in mind. The details are plentiful, and the instructions are very detailed. The set includes 2 rotating joints with 8 adjustable solar panels and a posable Canadarm2. There’s also a stand, 2 astronaut micro figures, a brick-built mini NASA space shuttle, and 3 mini cargo spacecrafts.

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Because the shape of the LEGO ISS really resembles the real one, the LEGO version is delicate and works better as a display piece. The reviews even comment on how the completed set is nearly a work of art. The finished set is amazing in detail.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can buy the LEGO Ideas International Space Station set on Amazon for $69.99. While LEGO recommends it for adult collectors, we think teens would love it as well.

Courtesy of Amazon


Psst… Got space loving kiddos? Check out this list of space books for kids!

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