A whole lot of kids will be on devices this fall. And all those computers, iPads, and smartphones? They emit a blue light, which can penetrate the retina, cause eye strain, and affect things like light-sensitivity.

In short: blue light can cause permanent damage to eyes. That’s why blue light blocking glasses, like the ones from AIEYEZO, are so important to protect young eyes.

Blue light blocking glasses can help protect your children’s eyes while using devices. Source: Amazon

More Reasons to Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Since these blue light blocking glasses are designed for kids age 3 to 12, they’re designed to be comfortable. The frames are made of TPEE flexible silicone (so they’re hard to break!), and the AIEYEZO glasses come with a rope, so that they don’t fall off easily.

Source: Amazon

But the most important part of these glasses: the non-polarized double-layered lens blocks offers 100% UV400 protection. The 45 millimeter-sized lens also cut 99% of blue light, which means its blocking almost all of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation that happens during screen time.

Source: Amazon

These blue light blocking glasses may take some time to get used to for kids, but it’ll protect their eyesight.

If you’re still worried about your kids not wanting to wear them, involve them in the shopping process! AIEYEZO offers an array of colors, including pink, blue, black, and red.

Source: Amazon

Worried your kid will lose or misplace the glasses? Opt for the two-pack (and save some money while you’re at it); two packs come in a range of different color combos too… so if your kids are indecisive about color, they can pick two colors!

A single pair of AIEYEZO blue light blocking glasses will run you $15.99, while a two-pack is $29.99 on Amazon — but the long-term benefits of regularly using the glasses are priceless.

Source: Amazon

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