We’re always on the lookout for more fun LEGO ideas to do with our kids, and this buildable LEGO calendar looks like the perfect addition to our collections.

Courtesy of Amazon

The LEGO calendar features blocks imprinted with the months of the year, days of the week, and numbers, in order to create a new calendar every single month. Just reassemble every month for a little bit of building fun too.

For those planning on schooling at home this fall, it might even be a great option for a morning circle time or calendar time with your littlest learners too.

If you can’t find one for sale, consider building your own! You can write on LEGOs with sharpies or print and emboss vinyl on them. It could even be a project for older kids, to first build the proper frame set up, then to decorate the blocks. It’s an awesome use for all the extra LEGOs we all have all laying around the house.

The LEGO calendar is officially discontinued by LEGO, but we definitely hope they bring it back, especially with all potential schooling options this fall.

You can still find the calendar on Amazon for just under $90.

Courtesy of Amazon


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