In school the kids were learning about molecules and it reminded me of the experiment that Holly did ages ago,  creating model atoms for her kids to physically manipulate.

We “made” atoms too!

build a model atom with pom-poms and wire

Make a Molecule:

  • Pom-poms – a variety of colors and sizes
  • Wire
  • Glue

Our kids researched the elements and created the atoms of nitrogen and  carbon and a molecule of propane.

The concepts of a atom’s nucleus and the relationship of the different atoms makes more sense when they are able to touch and feel them!

build a model atom with pom-poms and wire

More activities and experiments to learn about Molecules:

Explore if Molecules move with a couple sheets of wax paper and this simple experiment.

Do molecules disperse more easily when water is frozen, room temperature or solid ice?  This is a simple experiment that your kids will remember.

Try mixing molecules “ watch how the surface tension of oil repels water. No matter how hard your kids try they won’t be able to mix them.

See how molecules “ like molecules of water “ are attracted to each other. Witness the pull of the electron shell with this experiment.

atoms and molecules - ways to learn about them with kidsBuilding atoms and molecules is so much fun! Here are several ways you can get hands on with these building blocks with your kids:

Do you want to learn more? This is the best book to discuss the different elements that are known in the world.

Love it!


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