Family Who Adopted Three Brothers Heartbroken When They Can’t Adopt The Fourth [Video]

Adoption is a big decision for any family, and adopting multiple siblings at one time is huge. But that’s exactly what this family did when they brought in three brothers who were up for adoption.

family adopts three siblings but not more video - Kids Activities Blog
I heart family

Mom Julia was absolutely in love with her new family when she received devastating news that there was a fourth brother who needed to be adopted as well.

Screenshot from video of baby.
Sweet, sweet baby.

Devastating because Julia knew she could not adopt him.

screenshot of family from video
Happy family together with a problem…

After adopting the first three boys, the family grew from two kids to five, and with one of the children already having special needs, Julia knew one more would leave someone without the attention they needed.

all the boys together in a family or two
Now THAT is a solution!

It seemed like a hopeless situation until one of their neighbors stepped in with an incredible solution. Take a look!

Video of 4 brothers being adopted by two families

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Wasn’t that the sweetest brother story?


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