Toddler Falls Asleep In Cop’s Arms After He Offers To Babysit

For many of us, the only real contact we have with police officers is when we need them. And those times can be so fraught with anxiety and emotions that it’s hard to associate even the kindest of officer with anything but those awful feelings. Not that we aren’t grateful, mind. In fact, often times after we’ve gone through something traumatic all we want to do is thank those who came to help us. But then we want to move on. And it’s hard for us to think of those officers outside of that hero roll. It’s hard to remember that they have lives outside of law enforcement and that, in fact, they have families of their own. This officer saw a man waiting to go into court to testify and the man had no one to watch his young daughter. The officer offered to babysit and what happened next was nothing short of beautiful. Take a look!

That he took time to walk this girl around, play cartoons for her, get her snacks, and even snuggle her as she fell asleep is truly beautiful and truly memorable. I’m sure the father in this video felt nothing but gratitude to this officer for stepping in, but for the little girl? Well, she just knew she had a warm lap to settle into.

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