25 Fun Hot Breakfast Ideas Kids Love

I don’t think there is anything better than a good hot breakfast.

These easy and yummy…yep, even FUN hot breakfast ideas will help you get out of a rut and give you smart solutions for breakfast buffet ideas, healthy breakfast ideas, creative breakfast ideas…and kids will eat them!  Yep, even toddlers love these warm breakfast ideas.

25 Hot and filling breakfast ideas

We have found that having a solid first meal helped my kids endurance as they did school and the other activities of the day.

HOT Breakfast Ideas

Hot Pizza Breakfast

Make a healthy-fat, brain food pizza for breakfast. Smooth mashed avocado over a thin crust and layer with an egg and cheese. Yum! via Espress-O

Mason Jar Breakfast

This is a great  version of eggs in a jar. Get a dozen Mason Jars and you can make these protein packed breakfasts at the beginning of the week and grab the jar on the go every morning. via Paleo Leap

Best French Toast…Ever!

French toast is a favorite every day, but is especially tasty with fruit on top! Make a peach compote for your french toast. via Totally the Bomb

Oh How I Love Oatmeal

Oatmeal is hot, filling and you can add 50 different toppings to make it tasty and fun. via Kids Activities Blog

Wafflebrowns?  I am In!

Make waffles out of hash browns. Tasty and hot! Super tasty with an over easy egg on top! via Step-by-Step recipes

Bacon Waffle Breakfast

For another waffle variation, consider cooking your bacon into your waffles – don’t knock it, till you try it! via Meaningful Mama

Healthy Pancakes

These pancakes are healthy – Only two ingredients needed to make these pancakes. Your kids will love them. via Healthy Mama

easy hot breakfasts for busy families

Easy Breakfast Meal Ideas

Shaped Fried Eggs

So colorful! Cook a sunny side up egg inside a pepper ring. via Apron Strings  We have a version of this as a St Patrick’s Day breakfast idea.

Cobbler for Breakfast

Our Fruit Breakfast Cobbler is healthy, full of whole grains, and easy to make ahead of time in single serving portions and freeze! via Kids Activities Blog

Pumpkin Monkey Bread

Pumpkin spice pull apart bread – it doesn’t get any better than this for a fun breakfast treat. via Willow Bird Baking

Apple Pancakes

Have you ever made apple filled pancakes? This is a great way to cut down on gluten – but not go completely gluten-free. You will use less batter and won’t need syrup.  Dip apple slices into batter and fry. via Beta

Best Fried Potatoes

So, this next one is from Restless Chipotle and I could eat these yummy fried potatoes any meal of the day!  Seriously…don’t judge me. But I do think that they could be really good with some of the other breakfast ideas already mentioned as well!

Hot Breakfasts that are kid-friendly

Best Breakfast Buffet Ideas

Mason Jar Quiche

Cook quiches inside mini mason jars and cover them with a crust. This is a great meal to make a big batch of, seal them up, freeze, then thaw the night before for a quick, hot meal! via Cafe Sucrefarine

Avocado Eggs

So tasty! Seriously, this is one of our favorite breakfasts when I know we’ll have a day full of activity. Bake an egg inside an avocado. via Apron Strings

Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits and sausage gravy – this is our morning comfort food. Here is the classic recipe! via Bento Lunch

Breakfast Tarts

Breakfast tarts are SO easy to make and full of protein and veggies – this one has egg and spinach and feta cheese – but you can use a variety of ingredients. via Gourmet Traveler

Morning Enchiladas

Breakfast enchiladas! They are the perfect thing to bring on a breakfast brunch. via Inspired Taste

do not skip breakfast these are some easy meal ideas

More Toddler Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Morning Casserole

Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole that you can make ahead of time. We have made this the night before and then popped it into the oven in the morning. via Kids Activities Blog

Veggie Eggs

Farmers market eggs. This is a great way to include extra veggies into your kids food. via Beauty Through Imperfection

Egg Muffins

Bacon wrapped Cheddar egg muffins! They look awesome making it perfect for a potluck brunch. via Food.com.

Cookies for Breakfast

My favorite recipe from my childhood was one my grandma used to make: breakfast cookies!  Need I say more?


Did you know you can make pancakes out of cake batter? We didn’t. via How Sweet Treats

Cookie Pancakes

Don’t have cake box handy and still want a special treat for breakfast? Try Oreo pancakes. Your kids will LOVE them. They are a great fun after-sleep-over treat! via Tasty Kitchen

Mini Omelet

Make a layered mini-omelet using a muffin tin, hash browns, bacon eggs and veggies. You can make these ahead and reheat for the morning. via Ella Claire Inspired  

Unusual French Toast

What a tasty french toast variation. Smother fruit and cream cheese on a piece of bread and roll it up before cooking! via The Girl Who Ate Everything

French Toast Hearts

Tell your kids you love them with a cute breakfast of heart shaped French Toast. So sweet! via Happy Hooligans

Stuffed French Toast

As if french toast couldn’t get any better…we have a stuffed french toast that begs to differ.

Pancake Buffet

Get creative. Have a Pancake House Buffet, with a ton of fun toppings, at home. via Kids Activities Blog

If you need more ideas try our pancake breakfast ideas!

Our Favorite Waffle Makers

If you are making waffles, check out these amazing waffle makers and never have a boring hot breakfast again…what fun!

Have you tried any of these hot breakfast ideas yet?

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