Toddler Girl Watering Grass Accidentally Sprays Stranger Walking By and It’s Too Cute [Video]

We know toddlers have a mind of their own and this little girl thought some random stranger needed a shower…

This toddler girl was just trying to be a big girl and help her mom and dad water the lawn when she accidentally watered something…or should I say, someone else.

TikToker Adrian Rowlands posted a video of his daughter, Bella, helping water the lawn.

As she is standing there holding the hose, she lifts up the hose at the exact moment a random stranger walks by getting the stranger wet.

Bella’s mom says “Oh no! Sorry! Sorry,” although the stranger doesn’t seem the least bit bothered.

Bella then has a look on her face like, what? What did I do wrong?

It’s so sweet and innocent and how could you possibly be mad at that sweet face?!

You can watch the video for yourself below.

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