Parents Are Using A ‘Popsicle Shower’ Trick To Stop Toddler Temper Tantrums and It Is Genius

My youngest is three years old now, and I had forgotten just how crazy toddler tantrums can be. He’ll throw fits over some of the most nonsensical things, and there’s no reasoning with him at all.

But next time he throws a fit? I’m going to try the ‘Popsicle Shower’ trick that parents are raving about over on Reddit.

The idea is simple really. When your kiddo is throwing an epic meltdown, as toddlers often do, they need a reset of sorts.

Enter the ‘Popsicle Shower.’ Offer a cold popsicle and run a warm shower (or a bath, depending on what your kiddo prefers).

One: I know my kid loves popsicles. But two, he also loves playing in the water.

But that’s not why this popsicle trick works so well for calming down a child who is still learning about big feelings.

As one person said in the Reddit thread, “The temperature and taste sensations from the popsicle and the tactile and auditory sensations from the shower are very grounding when folks are activated. It would work with grown-ups as well!”

But what about those crazy toddler tantrums that happen out in public?

The same principles from the ‘shower popsicle’ trick can be applied, and you can offer your kiddo something cold, like a sip of cold water from a straw cup or ice chips.

The simple (and sudden) temperature change, as many parents are testifying to on Reddit, can make a huge difference.

As one commented, “Like other people pointed out, cold is magical for resetting us, and the act of sucking through a straw stimulates your vagus nerve which reduces your heart rate and blood pressure.”

Honestly, when it comes to toddler tantrums, I’ll try anything! So please excuse me while I go stock up on popsicles.

Missing the waterpark? Bring it home!

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