20 {Fantastic} Rainbow Crafts

These rainbow crafts are the perfect spring activity.  They’re also great for celebrating the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day!  Kids love rainbows because they are so bright and cheerful.  Looking at these make me so excited for spring!

We found these and so many other great crafts from the ideas you’ve been sharing with us over on our Facebook page and our activity link-ups.  Head over and share yours!

20 Fantastic Rainbow Crafts

20 {Fantastic} Rainbow Crafts

1.  Build a rainbow with legos!  Using a colored template, let them match the legos to the colors of the rainbow.

2.  Create beautiful blends and patterns with a rainbow paint bleed art from Zing Zing Tree.

3.  Don’t just paint with brushes, try using marshmallows.  Yes, I said marshmallows!  This fun activity is from Creek Side Learning.

4.  Here’s a quick and easy window display using Bendaroos from Fantastic Fun And Learning.

5.  Hide fake gold pieces in this rainbow sensory bin made from colorful yarn.

6.  This is another fun way to paint without brushes.  Set out some water color paint in the typical rainbow colors and let them make rainbows by painting with q-tips from Housing A Forest.

7.  Cut a sheet of bubble wrap and paint it like a rainbow, then press it onto paper!  So pretty.  From I Heart Crafty Things.

8.  Dye some pasta noodles rainbow colors and glue them to paper for a colorful 3D rainbow from Gift of Curiosity.

9.  By cutting felt in different colors you can make your own rainbow puzzle!

10.  Use your fingerprints to make this neat rainbow art.  Add a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for extra fun!  From The Preschool Toolbox Blog.

11.  This gorgeous rainbow art is made from pastels and watercolor.  Glue cotton balls at the ends of the rainbows for clouds!  From Buggy and Buddy.

12.  Glue paper strips in the correct rainbow color order to a pretty paper cloud.  From Three Boys and A Dog.

13.  These three ingredients are all you need to make colorful sparkle paint to make a rainbow.  From Paging Fun Mums.

14.  Create some adorable rainbows from cupcake liners!  From I Heart Crafty Things.

15.  For the easiest rainbow craft, just print this rainbow coloring page and color it in!

16.  Make this darling paper rainbow with strips of construction paper glued to a folded paper plate covered in cotton balls.  From Spoonful.

17.  Let them make their own rainbow puzzle by simply coloring a rainbow onto large craft sticks.  From Teach Preschool.

18. What could make a better (and more delicious) rainbow than fruit loops?  Here’s a fun rainbow activity for toddlers from Mommyapolis.

19.  Cut a paper plate in half and paint like a rainbow.  Such an easy and fun art project!  From Easy Preschool Crafts.

20.  Make this rainbow matching game for kids to practice upper and lower case letters.

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