St. Patrick’s day is is already right around the corner! That means lots of rainbows, leprechauns, and gold digging fun! Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this great St. Patrick’s day activity. Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Mary Catherine from  Fun-A-Day   as Quirky Momma for the day to share this rainbow fine motor play kids activity!   make a sensory tub with yarn

St. Patrick’s Day

For a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity, what could be better than searching for gold in a rainbow sensory bin? To create the “rainbows”, simply cut apart colorful, variegated yarn. Once there are sufficient rainbows in the sensory bin, it’s time to add the gold. There are many options here — pennies, sparkly gold pompoms, plastic coins, and even circles cut out of gold craft foam.

rainbow play: A Saint Patrick's Sensory Tub

Rainbow Fine Motor Activity

Hide the “gold” amid the rainbows and place chopsticks, large tweezers, or tongs next to the sensory bins. The kiddos use the chopsticks to hunt for the gold hidden in the rainbows. For even more fun, paint a wooden box black and gold — this can be a pot to hold the found gold! This fun activity allows children to strengthen their fine motor skills, use their sense of sight and touch, and explore color concepts. Mary Catherine is mama to a kick-in-the-pants boy, teacher to a fun group of pre-k students, and babysitter to a bevy of goofballs of all ages. She writes at Fun-A-Day and you can find her on twitter as @fun_a_day.

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