I love rice krispie treats. They are one of my all time favorite snack to make. Plus, it’s a fun dessert for the kids to help make. But don’t get in the rut of making the same old Rice Krispie Treats over and over when there are an unlimited number of creative Rice Krispie Treats to make…oh, and they aren’t any harder than the original recipe! Today we are sharing our favorite Rice Krispie Treat recipes…

22 Awesome Ways to Make Rice Krispie Treats
Crisp and yummy treats!

Best Rice Krispie Treats Recipes that Kids Love

Spending time with my little ones in the kitchen is one of my favorite things!

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Traditional Krispie treats are delicious all on their own, but these fun recipes take them to a whole new level!

Cookie monster rice krispy treat recipe- kids activities blog- blue frosting, chocolate mouth, sugar eyes, and nutter butters on rice krispie treats

These Cookie Monster Treats are the most adorable rice Krispie treats ever! If you have a Sesame Street fan at home you must make these.

2. Strawberry Treats Recipe

Strawberry rice krispie treat recipe- pink heart shaped treat
Loving these delicious strawberry and pink heart shaped treats.

One secret ingredient makes this Strawberry Treat from Love and Marriage delicious strawberry flavored treats.

3. Conversation Heart Treats Recipe

Conversation heart rice krispies treat- kids activities blog- heart shaped rice krispies covered in white and pink frosting that says kisses and cutie pie
Share the love with these conversation heart rice krispies treats.

Share a message with your sweetie on a Krispie treat with these Conversation Heart Treats!

4. Sweet Nutella Treats Recipe

Nutella rice krispie treats, cut in squares.
Chocolaty and marshmallowy rice krispies, yum!

Nutella Treats from My San Fransisco Kitchen make everything better!

5. Easter Egg Treats Recipe

Easter egg treats recipe in egg shape with purple, yellow, and pink icing- kids activities blog
These Easter egg treats don’t have to be just for Easter! Perfect for the spring…or really any other time.

Easter Egg Treats are so fun for Easter! These are beautiful.

6. Delicious Oreo Treats Recipe

22 Awesome Ways to Make Rice Krispie Treats
Chocolate and rice Krispie!

I’ll take any reason to add an Oreo to my desserts! These Oreo Treats from High Heels and Grills look delicious.

7. S’mores Pinwheel Treats Recipe

Chocolate, marshmallow, rice krispies treat pinwheel with hershey bars and miniature marshmallows
Delicious, sweet, gooey, s’mores pinwheel treats.

To make this S’Mores Pinwheel Treats from Mom On Time Out, add chocolate and marshmallows and roll them up into a pinwheel. This is the perfect amount of marshmallow in my opinion. All that melted butter, marshmallow, and chocolate… nom nom nom.

8. Peanut Butter Cup Treats Recipe

Rice krispie treats with peanut butter cup in the middle topped with chocolate
Oh, my gosh, Reese’s Cup rice krispie treat? Yes please!

Peanut Butter Cup Treats from Inside Bru Crew Life are perfect for peanut butter lovers! Butter melts, rice krispies, and marshmallows….AND peanut butter and chocolate… this is the best rice krispie treats recipe.

9. Fruit Loop Treats Recipe

Icing, marshmallow, rice cereal, fruit loops, fruit loop treats.
Icing, marshmallows, rice cereal AND Fruit Loops, this is gonna be delicious.

Try making Fruit Loop Treats from Her Modern Kitchen using rice krispies and Fruit Loops. These cereal treats are the best.

10. Caramel Stuffed Treats Recipe

Rice krispies, marshmallows, caramel, all in one delicious bar
My mouth is watering looking at these caramel stuffed rice krispy treats.

Stuff your favorite rice Krispie with caramel – yum! Carmel Stuffed Treats from Hugs and Cookies are hard to beat. Look at those melted marshmallows! The rice krispie cereal is good…but look at that caramel.

11. Red Velvet Treats Recipe

Red velvet rice krispy treats in heart shape, also red
Buttery marshmallow….red velvet… am I in heaven?

Everyone’s favorite flavoring, Red Velvet Treats from Your Cup of Cake are amazing! This only requires basic ingredients, nothing too fancy, but still a fun play on the classic recipe. It’s a great way to use up much cereal and making it exciting.

22 Awesome Ways to Make Rice Krispie Treats
Candy and rice Krispies!

12. S’mores Treats Recipe

Look at this perfect rice Krispie Treat recipe! If you love s’mores then make a S’Mores Treats version from Renee’s Kitchen Adventure!

13. Vanilla Pudding Treats Recipe

Vanilla white chocolate rice krispie treats with Jell-O
White chocolate pudding rice krispie treats are gonna be sweet and rich.

Vanilla Pudding Treats via Oh Bite It is something I’ve never thought of before – it sounds really good!

14. Yummy Samoas Treats Recipe

Samoas rice krispy treats with chocolate and caramel and coconut
Samoas are the best Girl Scout cookie…add in Rice Krispy Treats and I’m there!

Your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, Samoas Treats via Go, Go Gourmet in Krispie treat form!

15. Salted Caramel Treats Recipe

Rice krispy treats covered in caramel, salt, and chocolate
Salted caramel is one of my favorite flavors.

Salted Carmel Treats via My Kitchen Escapades make everything delicious.

16. Cool LEGO Treats Recipe

Lego rice krispy treats, topped with blue, green, and red icing and m&ms
These LEGO Rice Krispy Treats are the best.

LEGO Treats via The Stay At Home Chef look just like Legos. Kids will love these and they would be fun at a Lego-themed party.

17. Maple Bacon Treats Recipe

Maple Bacon Treats with maple frosting and topped with bacon
These are not only pretty, but deliciously sweet, savory, and crunchy.

Maple Bacon Treats via Cookie Dough Oven Mitt! Yes, bacon even goes with Rice Krispie treats.

18. Easy and Sweet Treat Pops Recipe

Rice treats dipped in white chocolate, dark chocolate, and topped with candy on a stick
Rice treats on a stick! Avoid sticky fingers.

Treat Pops via Mess for Less are even better when they’re on a stick and dipped in chocolate!

22 Awesome Ways to Make Rice Krispie Treats
Such cute cookie Krispies!

19. Cookies’ n Cream Treats Recipe

Cookies ‘n Cream Treats via Your Home Based Mom is another awesome way to sneak some Oreo’s in!

20. Cake Batter Treats Recipe

A thick layer of vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles on top of rice krispy treats.
These cake batter treats are so pretty and festive looking.

Cake Batter Treats via Sugar Spun Run would be really fun at a birthday party.

21. Mickey Mouse Treats Recipe

Mickey Mouse rice Krispy Treats, dipped in chocolate, with Mickey Mouse Sprinkles
Mickey Mouse rice Krispy Treats are sooooo cute! Look at the Mickey Mouse sprinkles!!

Mickey Mouse Treats via Mom Endeavors look just like your favorite cartoon mouse!

22. Cotton Candy Treats Recipe

Cotton candy rice Krispie treats.
Flavor your rice krispie treats!!

Cotton Candy Treats from Tips from a Typical Mom since my kids love cotton candy so this would be a huge hit! Fresh marshmallows are great, but adding extra marshmallows can flavor your homemade rice krispie treats so much, add fruity flavors or cotton candy flavoring!

How To Store Your Delicious Rice Krispy Treats

All you need to store your rice Krispy Treats is an airtight container. Or you can wrap each piece in parchment paper and put it in a baggie. It will keep your treats from sticking together.

You can also wrap them in plastic wrap.

Keep your marshmallow treats at room temperature. Too hot, and they’ll be too gooey, in the fridge, they’ll be too tough. There may be some cereal treats that need to go in the fridge, but most only use simple ingredients.

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Which Rice Krispie Treat recipe is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Those smores pinwheels look absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to try them and a few other homemade rice krispie treat ideas you listed!

  2. I swear you have the best Rice Krispie treat ideas! The peanut butter cup Rice Krispie treats make me think of Scotcheroos! I have been saying for YEARS now that I will make your Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Rice Krispie treats and your Easter Egg Rice Krispie treats–this HAS to be the year 😉 Also, for anyone who eats gluten free, you can easily make gluten free Rice Krispie treats with the right cereal and marshmallows (just check your labels)!

  3. There is nothing better than homemade rice krispie treats! I am making the cake batter one ASAP. I really am going to have to try all of these.