Have you heard about Lumi by Pampers? There is no more guessing whether your little ones Pamper diapers are soiled or not. A dirty diaper app? I guess this really does prove there is an app for everything. 
lumi by Pampers is a dirty diaper app that notifies parents when kids pants are dirty - shown are a stack of diapers next to a phone
Grandma never saw this one coming!

Lumi By Pampers

High tech parenting is even better with a new device from Pampers that tells you when your baby has a dirty diaper or when they need a feeding… And yes, this is a REAL thing. Lumi by Pampers (affiliate link) is an electronic sensor that can track when your baby needs a diaper change, by sending a message right to your smartphone!

How the Dirty Diaper App Works

The Lumi system pairs the activity sensor with a Logitech monitor and app for your smartphone.   The app then allows parents track automatically track diapers and your baby’s sleep patterns, and log feedings, in order to help find a routine for their families and anticipate their babies’ needs. So it is actually WAY more than just dirty diapers. It’s like all the baby monitors put all in one. So, it isn’t just about wet diapers and diaper changes. And it isn’t Lumi diapers you are buying, but a new product to put on the disposable diapers. It’s like a Pampers smart baby monitor.
Lumi app for diapers shown on the phone over a crib in a home
Way more than diapers are included in this baby management app!

Baby Management App

Did I just use the words “baby management” together.   Yes, I did. But it seems like this might be appropriate in this situation of high-tech baby watching from anywhere kinda world! According to Pampers, Lumi is:
“the world’s first all-in-one connected care system that helps parents track day-to-day developments, and monitor their baby, 24/7, so they can see emerging patterns and establish a suitable routine.”
Routine shown for Lumi App with kids sleep schedule and more
If only this thing could breastfeed…
“See your baby, their sleep, feeding and diaper activity, and the room temperature and humidity at a glance. You’ll know if baby is comfortable or if they might need feeding or changing soon.”

Charting Baby Development through Apps

The Lumi app was developed in conjunction with pediatricians and also provides personalized insights on development for babies, sharing how your baby is growing each week, including the ten mental development leaps. This pampers system was created to help us parents with baby monitoring giving us a little help.
Lumi app shown on base station with happy baby on screen
Baby data galore!
The entire Lumi kit features the diaper device, the monitor, and the app, along with a day supply of diapers.  Diapers can be ordered in sizes NB to 4.   While the Lumi device itself is suitable up to 1 year of age, the app and monitor continue to work past that age. I can see this Pampers app being really great for parents of children with disabilities. It is a great way to inform parents if a diaper is needed to be changed but also offers lots of other benefits too. It’s an interesting idea and I am looking forward to hearing more about it! It’s perfect for new parents who are trying to figure out their baby’s routines.  The initial kit retails for $349, but we have noticed better prices than that lately online…not sure how long that will last! You can order the Lumi Device Here.
all in one baby system from pampers called Lumi
My favorite part is the sleep charting!

Lumi For Baby’s Diaper

Putting this on your baby’s diaper, whether you use Pampers diapers or not, may seem kind of silly at first. But for first time parents it can help them better understand their baby’s development by helping them log important things so they can see if something is off. It’s a great way to help parents monitor their baby.  Which will help give them a peace of mind. I know as a new mom who had no idea what I was doing year ago, that I would have loved something like this if one to help my baby get on better sleep schedules and maybe deal with less sleep issues. I wasn’t sure at first, but the more I learn about this Lumi sensor, the more I love it and think it is so important that the whole family learns about the child’s routines. It takes a village!

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  1. How awful! More gadgets to make parents disconnect from their own intuition and connection with their babies works against the natural biology that nature intended. An app will NEVER be better for a mother and baby than connection and nurture. Homeostasis should never be sought with an app. We are not robots.

  2. Hey this article was very helpful. But I had a few questions. Is the device comfortable for the babies? Also would that have any effect on their bodies? For how long a baby can wear it? Moreover is there an age limit?

    1. Hi, Maisha! I am so glad that you found this article helpful! I would contact Pampers directly with those product questions! Here is a their phone number: (800) 726-7377

  3. I would have never used something like that. Although I used things like pampers when we went out I never used them at home. I always used regular diapers. My kids would always break out with store bought diapers and I could wash the cloth diapers and hang them on the clothes line to dry. They were easier on the children and no one is poking their nose into my kids bottoms or my kids in any way. Who knows what they will do next. Watch everything you do with your children. No thanks if it was me I would not buy those diapers.