Make a Baby Play Station to Keep Baby Entertained

We love the idea of a baby play station, a place where baby can be entertained while still supervised and part of what is going on in the home around her. Baby play ideas is the name of the game!

Make a Baby Play Station - Kids Activities Blog - baby shown rolling the craft rolls o a rod
Let’s make a special play place for baby!

Baby Play Ideas

This homemade baby game play area is created with one of our favorite household items to recycle – toilet paper rolls!  If you would prefer to not recycle, you can buy craft rolls at your local craft store.

Yes, you read that right…from toilet paper rolls!

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This simple toilet paper roll craft  turns a small space in your house into a baby play station.

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Homemade Baby Games

My one-year-old is determined to unroll all of the toilet paper rolls on Earth.


After I found him completely surrounded by toilet paper for the third time, I knew that I needed a way to redirect him. And, this DIY baby toy really does help!

And, I think our bathroom will be cleaner from now on, too…

Make a Baby Play Station

It is easy to create this simple baby play station from a toilet paper roll craft and put it in the main area of your home. Older kids can help make this play idea for baby!

Supplies Needed

Note: Be careful of choking hazards! Choose things to wrap around the toilet paper rolls that DO NOT have little pieces that can fall or be pulled off easily.

How to Make a DIY Baby Toy from Toilet Paper Rolls

I was surprised with how simple these were to make.

Baby Games are as easy as one two three steps to making the homemade baby game
3 Easy steps and you are done!

Prep Work

Cut everything before you glue to make the process faster.

Step 1 – Make the Covered Toilet Paper Rolls

  1. Glue one side of the fabric (or, whatever you choose) to the toilet paper roll.
  2. Add some glue as you slowly roll the toilet paper roll.
  3. Glue the end shut (It will be hot, so watch your fingers! I used the edge of my scissors to push the edge down into the glue).
  4. Put glue around the rim of the toilet paper roll edge (See in the picture up there? I’m looking at step number three) and tuck all of the excess fabric inside the roll.
  5. After the rolls have dried, remove an excess hot glue.
Homemade Baby Games - Finished Baby Play Station Watch it Spin
Time for baby to play!

Step 2 – Thread the TP Rolls onto a Curtain Rod

Put the rolls on a curtain rod and watch them roll!!

Even my three-year-old got in on the fun.

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How did your baby play station turn out? Does your baby love the play idea?


  1. Ta-da…for you! Love this idea! Ever changing fun!

  2. Love, love, love this idea! My one year old is constantly ravaging the toilet papet, and all I could think of was wrapping some ribbon around a toilet roll-this idea makes for so much less mess!

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