Both of my kids loved being swaddled when they were babies. The snug blanket made it easier for them to sleep in those first few months of their lives… but me learning how to swaddle? I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to turn a baby blanket into a snug swaddle — and to ensure that swaddle stayed in place.

That’s one reason that this hooded Unicorn baby swaddle is an ideal gift for new parents. Plus, it’s absolutely adorable.

Babies will love the snugness of the unicorn baby swaddle, and parents will love how easy it is to use! Source: Amazon

Why This Hooded Unicorn Baby Swaddle Is Great

The soft plush Unicorn Baby Swaddle from upsimples dresses up your little lovebug into an adorable unicorn, while keeping them snug and cozy. That snugness is key to a good swaddle.

After all, when a swaddle is snug, it helps stop the newborn ‘startle reflex,’ which can often wake your babe up from sleep. So a good swaddle means longer and better sleep — and a bit of relief for new parents.

Source: Amazon

So how does this unicorn baby swaddle make swaddling easier? The design of the swaddle!

After laying your new little one onto the unicorn swaddle, tuck their legs into the leg pockets and secure the leg pockets with the velcro tabs; this is a great feature of the blanket as it helps keep babies warm and snug, and the baby can’t kick it off.

Source: Amazon

Next, make sure the baby is in the right place on the swaddle (shoulders should line up with the top of the swaddle). Put the right wing of the swaddle over the left wing, making sure it’s nice and snug as you go. Then secure with the velcro. Easy peasy!

Bonus: this unicorn baby can be used from zero to six months. As they grow older and start to roll front to back, just keep them arms out of the swaddle instead of in. Also, as it should be with any baby product, the swaddle is machine washable.

Source: Amazon

The hooded unicorn baby swaddle is available from Amazon starting at $6.99, and it currently comes in three colors, brown, dark blue, and pink.

Source: Amazon

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