Babies are way sneakier than they appear.

In fact, they could have complete hidden agendas that they cover with that angelic baby face…

Sweet dad moment interrupted by baby vomit video - Kids Activities Blog
Don’t try to figure out what will happen next…

Sweet Daddy Moment Interrupted by Baby Vomiting on Unsuspecting Dad Video

Anyone who has kids or has ever been around kids or has any experience with kids has been exactly where this dad is.

You’re enjoying a sweet moment with that sweet kiddo when all the sudden, without warning, baby throws up.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but for some reason it’s so much better when it’s happening to someone else.

Not that we want to see someone else get puked on, but it’s still kind of funny to watch.

This poor dad, though.

Dad’s just laying here next to baby, working on those vocal sounds and enjoying a nice, relaxing moment when…yup…you guessed it.

Take a look!

I think the funniest part is how fast dad moves once the baby throws up.

Like, we’ve all heard about ‘dad reflexes’ before, but I think in watching this video we maybe see the birth of those dad reflexes.

We see them coming to life, so to speak.

It’s okay, dad.

Like I said, we’ve all been there.

And chances are you’ll be there with your little one again sooner, rather than later.


And don’t miss the sweetest video where the newborn baby grabs doctor’s finger…oh the cuteness!

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