Dad vs Twins vs Clothes: The Epic Showdown [Video]

One baby is a lot to take care of, but two?

Twins are a handful by any measure!

two babies laying next to each other on a white fuzzy blanket dressed in yellow and blue polka dots - twins
Bring it on…dad!

Dad vs. Twins Funny Video

This dad does the unthinkable when he decides to not only dress his twins by himself…..but does it on camera.

What happens next is a battle for the ages and it looks like everyone is a winner!

Good job, dad.

Looks like everyone’s happy and warm…for now.

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John did NOT eat the sprinkles!

little boy struggles

Getting stuck is the WORST.

When things like THIS happen to kids, I never know whether to laugh or help...


Did you giggle at the dad vs. twins video?