Yes, you read that right…Baby Shark Cereal!

If you thought the end of Baby Shark was near, you couldn’t be more wrong. Baby Shark is just getting started and this time, they are making their way to your morning breakfast routine.

Yes, Baby Shark Cereal Is Being Released For The Most Fin-Tastic Breakfast Ever!

Baby Shark Cereal box
The Baby Shark Cereal Box!

New Baby Shark Cereal

Kellogg’s new Baby Shark Cereal is about to hit Walmart and Sam’s Club shelves for a limited time and I can only imagine it’s ever kids dream!

I mean, how is shark infested cereal not the ultimate breakfast?!

Baby Shark Cereal Flavor

The flavor is “Berry Fin-tastic,” and the blue, red, and yellow cereal rounds come with marshmallows mixed inside. Speckled, shark themed cereal, can it really get better than that?

Word on the street is, this limited edition cereal will be released sometime in August or Mid September. One thing is for certain, you’ll want to stock up doo doo doo doo doo doo – HA!

Baby Shark Cereal boxes lined up
I need some Baby Shark cereal! Now!

Baby Shark Cereal Box

The side of the cereal box is perfect for reading in the morning.  It explains the Baby Shark family with each animated character’s picture with “Meet the Baby Shark Family”:

  • William – Baby Shark’s best friend.
  • Baby Shark is very curious about everything around him.
  • Mommy Shark is empathetic and listens without judgment.
  • Daddy Shark – family oriented guy who is always on the lookout for possible danger.
  • Grandma Shark – fun-loving grandma shark is always the life of the party.
  • Grandpa Shark – loves to learn new things.

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Have you tried the Baby Shark cereal?  How did it taste?

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