Dogs are like funny four-legged people who are mostly just happy all the time. And they’ve got the best life, right? Treats and snoozing, snoozing and treats, that’s basically every dogs life in a nutshell. Lots of petting, lots of ‘what a good boy’ and rinse and repeat. But, like I said at the beginning, dogs are funny. Take this dog, for instance. He’s just layin’ there snoozing away when his owner comes to him with a plate of cheese-balls. Now, a human would have to wake up, get dressed, wash their hands, go sit at the table, blah, blah, blah. But dogs? This one doesn’t even have to wake up to get his treats. Take a look! I can’t get over how funny he is to watch, taking those treats upside down. It really is like he’s playing his very own game of Hungry Hungry Hippo, only, he’s the hippo and he’s guaranteed to win.

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