This is the cutest nightmare I think I have ever seen.

A group of Husky puppies gets into some…OK, a LOT…of blue paint and the poor house.

It is transformed from a normal house to a blue paw print house.

Husky puppies paint house blue video - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s paint the house blue!

Blues Clues, anyone?

I think the reason why this is even funnier to me is that when I was a kid we had an American Eskimo breed dog that is completely white (think small Samoyed or sled dog) and I took her to the lake one day and there was some blue paint pigment on the edge of the lake that she got into and I walked a blue dog home.

And then washed a blue dog.

Which really turned into a light blue dog.

I can’t even image what the bath water looked like for this group.

Take a look!

Husky Puppies and Blue Paint Video

Oh the blue cuteness!


Have you seen anything as cutely tragic as husky pups in blue paint?

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