There is literally no cuter way to regulate screen time than this dog! [Video]

The parenting struggle of this decade has got to go to regulating screen time, am I right?

Everyone has their own set of house rules for how long our little ones can play on tablets, watch T.V, use computers and play video games.

Family dog jealous of screen time video - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s talk about screen time limits.

Enforcing those rules is just about never easy (if I had a penny for every time I yanked  an iPad out of a screaming toddler’s hands…).

But here is the best solution I’ve seen yet: a jealous, adorably affectionate family dog!  Pet jealousy works like a charm!dogipad

Can he please train ALL OF THE OTHER DOGS  in the world to please do the same?

That would be great.

This is such a sweet reminder to all of us that when we go into the world of screens, we’re disconnecting from someone who probably needs our attention.

And hopefully we’ll realize that before they drench half of our  arms in saliva to let us know!

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Aren’t pets the  best?

When safety isn’t embraced–watch this bulldog try to take off his lifejacket! It might be the most hilarious thing you see today.bulldog-life-vest

Oh no he didn’t!

And I thought teaching a kid was hard! This dog is totally riding a bike and you definitely need to see it with your own eyes to believe it!dog-riding-bike


Do you need this dog now?  I do!