This dog in the pool video is so funny. Dogs love playing and many dogs love swimming. This dog apparently LOVES swimming. His puppy papa keeps pulling him out of the pool and he keeps jumping right back in! Can you blame him? Swimming is so refreshing. Either way, you have to check out this dog in the pool video. It’ll have you cracking up!

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It doesn’t get much better than this for a dog…

Dog In The Pool- Meet Zeus

The best thing about summer is playing in the sun and water. And dogs love it just as much as anything else. Let me introduce you to Zeus… Zeus apparently LOVES to swim.

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And though his owner wants him to get out of the pool because they’ve got other things to do, Zeus is having No Part of it. His puppy papa pulls him out the first time, and when he turns away to shake off some of the water, Zeus jumps right back in. What follows is a hilarious game of keep-away where this stubborn pooch swims from one end of the pool to the other, managing to evade his puppy daddy the entire time.

Take a look!

Dog Won’t Get Out of the Pool Video

Honestly, I laughed out loud while watching this. Anyone who has dogs knows just how incredibly stubborn the can be, and watching this funny pup do everything he can to stay in the water is basically all of us trying to enjoy those last fleeting days of fun in the sun.


Did that dog video make you laugh?

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