Dogs all react different when they get in trouble.

Some go off and hide, some go to their kennels, some don’t seem to know anything is wrong.

Dog gets into trouble video - dog looking at camera - Kids Activities Blog
Bad dog?

Dog in Trouble Video

When this dog is in trouble, however, knows he’s done something wrong and reacts in the most adorable, most heartfelt way you could imagine.

It’s so sweet, in fact, that the entire time I watched this video, all I kept thinking was, forgive him already! Just give that baby some love!!  

You’ll see what I mean…

How sweet and heartbreaking is that?

I don’t know if the pup truly knew he did something wrong, or if he was simply reacting to the way his owner sounded, but either way that’s one pooch I’ll not soon forget!

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Would you have lasted that long not hugging that dog?

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