This video of a very grumpy Bull Dog who doesn’t want to wear a life jacket is going to crack you up. If you don’t know, Bull Dogs are so stubborn and this video shows it as they throw a tantrum because they don’t want to wear their life jacket. I didn’t even know they had life jackets for bulldogs! But you have to check out this video.

Bulldog does not want to wear life jacket video - Kids Activities Blog
Why is everyone trying to make my life harder?

Bulldog Fights Wearing A Life Jacket

We have had English Bulldogs and they are extremely funny creatures. They can make you laugh just by living their best life. One of the reasons is that they always appear grumpy and like the world is out to get them on an everyday basis. I love this video because it is so typical of how humans look at the world differently than bulldogs do.

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bulldog life vest

Bulldogs in general aren’t great swimmers.  It has to do with the fact that they are like 100% muscle mass! So the human thinks…I will put the bulldog in a life jacket to go to the lake to keep her safe. The bulldog has a different reaction.

Take a look!

Bulldog Hates Life Vest Video


Would your dog wear a life vest for safety?

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