Flashcards can be a really fun and effective way to teach our kids. Memorization is important when they’re learning their letters, numbers, colors, etc. and flashcards have been proven to be one of the best tools for memorizing, especially for visual learners. 

It doesn’t matter if they are diy flashcards, printable flashcards, or store bought ones they all work wonders when trying to help your child learn.

12 Sets of Free Printable Flashcards

This collection of flashcards are awesome because they don’t cost you anything and you can grab them quickly just by downloading and printing. No trip to the store or online order. Plus, they are perfect school age activities that make learning fun! 


12 Sets of Free Printable Flashcards

1. Math Sight Words – This is filled with lots of math words like more, than, total, amount, etc. At Kids Activities Blog

2. First 100 Dolch Sight Words Printable – Perfect for learning the first 100 sight words focusing on just a handful each week. From 3 Boys and a Dog.

3. Crayon Color Flashcards – Help practice colors with these fun crayons. via From ABCs to ACTs

4. Printable Alphabet Flashcards – Here’s a cute set of alphabet cards from Imperfect Homemaker

5. Magic Reveal Alphabet Cards – When you print these on card stock, you can only see the image that corresponds to the letter by holding it up to a window or light table. From Lalymom

6. States and Capitals Flashcards – Learn the states and their capitals from 3 Boys and a Dog

7. Days & Months Flashcards – These are wonderful for learning your days of the weeks and the months and what order they are in from Mr. Printables

8. Printable Number Concept Flashcards – Practice numbers 1-20 with this fun printable set, from Imperfect Homemaker

9. Rhythm Flashcards – Try this rhythm activity that encourages imaginative movement and note recognition from Let’s Play Kids Music

10. 4th of July Flashcards – Really fun for learning Independence Day words like Liberty Bell and bald eagle from Memorizing The Moments

11. Alphabet Flashcards – Adorable alphabet set with photos from Itsy Bitsy Fun

12. Kitchen Vocabulary Cards – Learn foods and utensils from around the kitchen from Mr. Printables

Kids Activities Printable Library

Entertain, educate, and inspire your kid instantly without screen time! The Netflix of printables has hundreds on worksheets, coloring pages, learning activities, and more. Join now to print, play, and learn with your kids!

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