Free Apple Worksheets for Preschool & Kindergarten Fun!

Let’s have some fun with apple themed worksheets that are perfect for preschool and Kindergarten.  This free printable worksheet pack is full of learning fun and helps develop necessary fine motor and cognitive skills.

This apple worksheet pack for Kindergartners and preschoolers is full of learning! You can use it at home or in the classroom and it is a great addition to a letter A lesson plan or letter of the day activities.

apple printable kindergarten worksheet
Printable Apple Worksheets for kids – 9 Fun Pages!

Your kids will have all kinds of fun at home planning a whole day around apples!  Print out our a apple worksheet with all different kinds of activities. Bake an apple pie, eat applesauce, read books about apples, or cut up an apple and count the seeds.

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Free Printable Apple Worksheets for Kids: Preschool & Kindergarten

This great pack includes 9 pages of apple projects for kindergarten & to practice the following skills:

Tracing lines practice worksheet

This page with tracing line practice page could be used with preschoolers as a tracing practice and with Kindergartners for cutting practice if they have already mastered the tracing skills.

Tracing shapes worksheet

  • Each apple themed picture represents a shape like a square around a piece of apple pie
  • Or a circle around a bushel of freshly picked apples
  • A triangle around a child holding a bushel of apples
  • And a hexagon around a child picking apples from a tree

Tracing letter A worksheet

Place an X on top of the letter a’s in the hidden field of letters after tracing uppercase and lowercase letter A’s.

Number tracing worksheet

Use a pencil to trace the numbers 1-9 on this worksheet decorated with apples hanging on a tree and a child with a bushel full of apples to take home.

Cutting practice worksheet

In this worksheet, kids will use scissors to cut from left to right toward the apple themed pictures. The first dotted line for cutting ends with a child with a bushel of apples. The second and third dotted cutting lines end in green and red apple halves.

Size recognition worksheet

This worksheet has different sized apple themed images. Preschoolers and Kindergartners will circle the biggest picture in each row helping them recognize the difference between big and little and large and small.

Counting practice worksheet

In this counting practice worksheet, kids will color in the correct number of boxes in the grid that appear below a certain number of apples.

Less than and greater than worksheet

This worksheet is a more advanced worksheet that will work great for Kindergarten students who need a little challenge. Using the less than and greater than signs, fill in which number is greater.

Apple coloring page

In this apple coloring page worksheet, a child is climbing a ladder with a bucket of apples next to a bushel of apples that have already been picked. You may want to grab your green and red crayons!

Download & Print These Apple Worksheets pdf File Here

Click on the red (for apple) button below to download & print the 9 pages of apple worksheets…

apple worksheet - themed set of 9 Kindergarten level worksheets
Print the Apple Worksheets for Your Kindergartner!

These apple theme kindergarten activity sheets are great for taking on road trips to keep young ones busy.

Create Re-usable Apple Themed Worksheet Pages

If you would like to reuse these more than once, consider printing them on cardstock and laminating them for use with a dry erase marker.  <–I like that set because you can get them in fine and very fine marker versions which is easier to use on worksheets.

An easy way to do this is to use 8.5″ x 11″ page protectors and then you don’t even have to find a laminator!  The other thing I like about this solution is you can switch out the worksheets regularly and clean off the page protectors with a dry erase eraser.

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Did your kids enjoy the apple preschool and Kindergarten worksheets? Which was their favorite apple worksheet to complete?