This Robot Printable Preschool Worksheet Pack is an introduction to the basic components of writing in a fun, hands-on way.

Kids will enjoy completing the activities themed with robot graphics as they build necessary skills to expand upon.

Printable Preschool Worksheet robot kids for pre-k and k.
Look how cute these robot worksheets are!


This robot worksheets activities pack has cute robot kid graphics with pre-writing activities that has children practicing tracing and letter recognition.

It is ideal for introducing preschoolers to the proper way to hold a pencil and following instructions along with fine motor skill practice.

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What The Pack Includes:

This great robot printable pack includes 7 pages for practicing the following skills:

Trace The Lines

This trace the lines page is super cute! You have a red robot, a yellow robot, and blue robots that you have to get to. You have to trace the swirly lines, zig zag lines, and squared lines.

Trace A Line Through The Maze

Try not to touch the edges of the lines! You have to maneuver through the lines to get to the black and green robots. The first robot looks so fierce and awesome!

The third one is particularly challenging.

Trace The Shapes

Trace the shapes around the robot themed pictures. You’ll be tracing squares, circles, triangles, and hexagons.

Cutting Practice 

This is a page that requires adult supervision! Using safety scissors, cut the dotted lines to the buildings and spaceship.

Circle The Largest in Each Row

Learn about opposites and sizes with this super awesome page. Find the biggest robot in each row.

Number Tracing

Learn your numbers 1 through 9 and how to recognize them with this sheet. Each number has a dotted line to help your little one correctly write all their numbers.

Find and Circle The Letter R

Robot starts with R! Learn letter recognition with this fun robot worksheet by circling all the R’s.

This fun printable pack is free!

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Printable Preschool Worksheet

These activities are a natural starting point for young children to begin their journey into writing.

These robot worksheets are great to add to your Letter R Lessons. They’ll make fun and interesting supplemental Letter R Worksheets.

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