Free Howlingly Cute Wolf Coloring Pages

Today we have free furry and slightly fierce wolf coloring pages. Download the wolf coloring sheets, grab your gray and black crayons to create the perfect grey wolf portrait. These unique drawings, wolf inspired color activities, are perfect coloring fun for kids of all ages and adults.

wolf coloring pages printed pdf shown on a colorful background with coloring supplies
Our wolf coloring pages are so much fun to color!

Free Printable Wolf Coloring Pages

Today we are celebrating the wolf, wild animals with this printable wolf coloring page pack that has two pages of simple sketches. Speaking of packs, this seems perfect for celebrating wolves!

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printable wolf coloring page
Adorable wolf coloring picture for kids!

1. The Howling Wolf Coloring Page

Our first page in this coloring set features a lone wolf howling at the full moon. With the tree pines behind it, the scene looks so majestic and really shows that wolves are magnificent animals.

This is a simpler line drawing that works great for younger children .

free wolf coloring page for kids
Download this wolf coloring page for a colorful activity.

2. The Iconic Wolf Picture Coloring Page

Our second coloring page features a fluffy wolf watching over the mountains and contemplating the full moon. There’s lots of empty space so older kids can add other details like rocks or clouds. Younger kids can use a larger crayon or paint brush without problem.

Free wolf coloring pages pdf shown on colored paper with pencils, colored pencils and crayons
Let’s howl at the moon with these fun free wolf coloring pages!

Download & Print Free Wolf Coloring Pages pdf Here


This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Wolves

Historically wolves have been identified as wild dogs and feared for their sharp teeth and feisty reputation as a dangerous creature. Poor Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf or those 3 Little Pigs…need I say more? In real life a gray wolf would have grown up from a cute baby wolf pup in a wolf family into potentially the leader of the pack.

Your little naturalist will need a wolf’s sense to decipher some interesting wolf facts from the animal world:

  • Wolves on average weigh between 35-40 lbs which is considered a medium dog size domesticated dog, smaller than a Labrador Retriever and about the same size as a small Australian Shepherd.
  • Wolves belong don’t always live in wolf packs. They may live as a lone wolf as they are between packs or as a longterm choice.
  • The average wolf pack size is 8 wolves in the United States. Pack dynamics include they hunt and wolves help care for each other.
  • The average wolf pack territories size is 14 square miles. They cover about 10% of that territories range each day. Think of all those paw prints!
  • Wolves are part of the canid family which consists of 35 species. Some wolf names you might be familiar with are: white wolf, grey wolf, arctic wolf and timber wolf.

Make Your Own Wolf Drawing

If you have ever wanted to make your own wolf drawing, Learn how to draw a wolf all by yourself with this simple step by step printable tutorial and then use your drawings as a coloring page!

Developmental Benefits of Coloring Pages

We may think of coloring pages as just fun, but they also have some really cool benefits for both kids and adults:

  • For kids: Fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination develop with the action of coloring or painting coloring pages. It also helps with learning patterns, color recognition, structure of drawing and so much more!
  • For adults: Relaxation, deep breathing and low-set up creativity are enhanced with coloring pages.

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Did you enjoy the free wolf coloring pages?

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