This Mom Made An At-Home Movie Night For Her Kids Including A Concession Stand and I Love It

We all love watching movies at home but I bet you and your kids have watched quite a few over the last few weeks, right? How about making it a little more fun and making your own movie theater at home?

On Facebook, one creative mom named Sadira Gray, showed a fun and creative way to bring the movie theater feeling into your home. Each of her kid’s had to clean their own rooms to earn movie “money”.

After they did that, they got to see what was “showing” that night and they had to agree as a team, what movie they were going to watch. 

How to Make An At-Home Movie Theater That Your Kids Will Love

Each child had to buy their own movie ticket and was able to purchase candy and popcorn with the money they earned (with high prices too, just like in a real theater). And when the kids came down the stairs to watch the movie, they found that their mom had attached curtains that they had to walk through, starting the at-home movie theater feeling. What a great idea!

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How to Make An At-Home Movie Theater That Your Kids Will Love


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