17 Genius Ideas to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

I don’t know what it is about the bathroom medicine cabinet, but mine is always a total disaster. Pill bottles on their side, random medicine that has fallen out of the box, loose bandaids laying around…so very many small items everywhere!

We are moving soon and I am determined to have a more organized medicine cabinet in our new small bathroom. This article is a collection of the medicine cabinet organizer research I did for medicine storage solutions and medicine cabinet organization ideas

Ways to organize medicine cabinets - storage solution for children's medicines, vitamins, first aid and more
Let’s get that medicine cabinet organized once and for all!

Medicine Cabinet Organization Tips

No longer do medicine cabinets need to be hot messes! There are so many simple and better ways to keep everything together in modern medicine cabinets.

This is especially great if you have a ton of stuff or buy in bulk. Keep it orderly and all together and within easy reach. We can even help you find some of these awesome organization tools.

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Medicine Cabinet Organizer Ideas

This simple organization transformed a messy medicine cabinet with plastic bins from the dollar store and it made a big difference. Plus you can buy different colored baskets for each person so they have the perfect place to keep all their own stuff together with these medicine cabinet organizer ideas. via Carolina On My Mind

Medicine Cabinet Organization Categories

Use baskets and labels to organize your medicine cabinet. Then there is no questions where everything is and you can also label everyone’s stuff so it is in one place with these medicine cabinet organization categories. Via The Savvy Sparrow

A good solution for us was using these simple categories at our house with the help of plastic bins:

  • First Aid Items
  • Adult medication – pain relief, allergy, etc.
  • Kid medication
  • Sunscreen & after sun care
  • Insect repellent & bug bite care
  • Extra soaps, shampoos, conditioners, beauty products, etc.
  • Shelves for larger items like bulk paper products (or use under the bathroom sink)

Unique Medicine Cabinet Ideas

A  lazy susan is a great idea so you can grab things quick without digging around. I would have never thought to use a lazy susan in my bathroom. It really is a unique medicine cabinet idea and can help take advantage of vertical space as well as the space in the back of a corner cabinet that can’t be reached. via A Bowl Full of Lemons

How To Organize Medicine

If you’re like me you’re wondering how to organize medicine. Between Ibuprofen, allergy medicine, creams, and everything else, it seems impossible to keep organized. However, this rotating  pill organizer  for the medicine cabinet includes 31 take-out go-anywhere pill holders. So smart! Oh, and don’t forget to check the expiration dates and throw away any old medicine which will help free up some storage space.

Medicine Storage Containers

Organize kids medicine using these small plastic medicine storage containers…aka cups to collect medicine dispensers. This not only helps clear the visual clutter, but helps give you quick access to things that you are looking for. via I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Medicine cabinet ideas like a shelf, lazy susan, baskets, and buckets
So many storage solutions…so little medicine cabinet space.

Makeup Medicine Cabinet Hacks

Use small  metal buckets  for small things like cotton swabs and makeup brushes. I think this a great solutions and one of the cuter makeup medicine cabinet hacks I’ve seen. via PopSugar

Medical Organizer Box

You don’t need a fancy medical organizer box! Label wooden craft boxes  for a smart storage solution. These boxes are simple, sturdy, and have handles which make them easy to move and they are great at keeping a bunch of your loose things all in one place. via Uncommon Designs Online

First Aid Cabinet Organizer

I love this first aid cabinet organizer idea. Use these small plastic drawers for an organized  first aid  section with a drawer for bandages, ointment etc. I already have some of these around, because I use them to keep barrettes together. via Simply Kierste

Makeup Medicine Cabinet Organizer Ideas 

MagnaPods are plastic organizers that magnetically adhere to the inside of your medicine cabinet for extra storage for nail polish, makeup brushes, lip stick, etc. These are the best makeup medicine cabinet organizer ideas for those who have a lot of makeup/brushes and very little room.

Paper Inside Medicine Box

Paper inside medicine box is a great way to bring a little color to a part of your home you rarely think about. Contact paper on the inside of your medicine cabinets are a fun way to add color to a small medicine cabinet and can make things stand out a little more! via Balancing Home

Here are a few of our favorites to spruce up your medicine cabinet to fit in with your entire house:

medicine storage using a tackle box, cleaning carrier, and clear plastic drawers
Grab a tackle box because it makes a great first aid kit.

Ideas For Medicine Cabinet Space

Need some ideas for medicine cabinet space? If your medicine cabinet is too cluttered then use this clear two tier wall mount  to save space and create an additional wall cabinet. Back of the door storage are easy ways to tuck some extra storage into a small space. Here are a few that would be a perfect fit:

  • Over the door shoe storage works really well for medicines and beauty products too. I like this clear model so you can see what you have stored in the bathroom.
  • This extra behind the door cabinet storage system also can include a full length mirror. Genius!
  • This adjustable 8-tier door rack is highly customizable for your medicine storage needs.

Funny Medicine Labels

Grab these  funny medicine labels  for your medicine organizers with sayings like, You think I’m hot? for fever items. Or “You’re A Pain” for studd like pain medication or burns. via Fantabulosity

Medical Organizer Box

This fun idea using a tackle box to create a medical organizer box for first aid supplies is so clever! via Apartment Therapy

I actually have one of these that I use to store my essential oils because all those cute little bottles need a home with easy access.

Medicine Drawers

Instead of a cabinet, organize your medicine in medicine drawers labeled accordingly. It’s a great solution to keep bandaids, wraps, creams, and smaller medical supplies together. via Simply Stacie

Magnetic Containers

These DIY  magnetic containers are perfect for under the shelf storage for tiny items. You can keep together your bobby pins, rubber bands, cotton balls, Q-Tips, and more! Anything that has a high frequency of use. Love this! via BuzzFeed

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