12 Ways To Finally Get Your Board Games Organized

Board game storage can make putting away the game after family game night no fun at all!

My family loves playing board games and we have a ton of board games. The problem is storing them all! It seems like they are always stacked up in a closet somewhere, boxes falling apart, stray game pieces missing… 

11 Ways To Finally Get All Your Games Organized

I’m so inspired by these great ideas on how to keep your favorite board games organized and safely stored and the best part is you likely have plenty of space and plenty of room when you set it up correctly!

Sometimes it just takes a little outside the box thinking and creativity to cut board game clutter and create more storage space. There are so many smart ways to get your board game collection in order and avoid that stray game piece syndrome!

Game changer ideas! <–Get it?

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Best Board Game Storage & Organization Ideas

Board Game Card Storage

Use small plastic containers from your local dollar store to hold decks of cards. We are always losing cards or ripping the cardboard boxes. Plus, the little plastic sandwich bins are easily stackable and do not take up a lot of room. This allows you to store the game boards without worrying about all the little pieces.

Board Game Storage Ideas

This rolling game table is not only amazing storage but gives you a place to play, too! Use bins and the shelves on your tables to stack up the games and even hide them if you don’t want them seen by company. Best way to stack game boards.

Board Game Storage

This board game storage has a place for everything! This design has room for all your games! Plus, it looks like a cute cupboard. Open the doors and you have pull outs for easy game access to cards, little pieces and game boards.

Plastic Board Game Boxes

If you are using your closet as game storage, you must check this out for inspiration. This is the most brilliantly organized game and toy storage I’ve seen and is really encouraging that you can do the same! Use plastic boxes to keep all the different games, pieces, game boards and parts together. Plus, they’re stackable which saves room.

Creative Ways To Store Board Games

This smart idea will help you keep your games together by making sure the lids don’t come off! You use headbands! Yup, who knew headbands had another purpose than making your hair look great. Once your board games  are secured you can stand them up vertically on bookshelves making more room!

Board game storage using plastic drawers, cheese holder from the dollar tree, scrap book containers, and head bands to keep the lids on your board games.

Board Game Storage

There are a bunch of really fantastic ideas here to check out. I love the idea of using a cheese slice container for cards and small games – so smart! These plastic storage containers keep them together and more important, protected. I can’t tell you how many party fouls ruined cards may it be spilled juice, sticky fingers, or just old age because we forgot about the card game.

How To Store Games

Here is another cubby storage full of games. This really is a functional and smart way to organize! Plus the bins make it easy to carry multiple games in the other room. Not to mention, if you have extra room you can use the cubbies to store books, coloring books and of course more game boards!

How To Organize Board Games

This is such a cool idea and saves a lot of space. A hanging sweater shelf works perfectly for storing games! Plus it keeps the board games hidden away in the closet and fits those game boards perfectly. Not to mention it frees up table and shelf space leaving you more space to organize your house.

board game ideas to keep them organized in cubbies with plastic containers and tubs

Best Way To Store Board Games

Sterilite flat containers are really inexpensive and perfectly hold odd shaped games like Connect Four and Trouble. Any game really that has small pieces will fit in these boxes. Plus they’re great if the board game box gets damaged on your favorite game making it difficult to keep pieces with the proper game boards.

Game Closet Organization

Small plastic drawers are perfect for game pieces. Make a label for each so you know right where to go when you’re looking for a game. They’re great for games with smaller boards, games like Jenga, and card games. To protect your card games you can use small index organizers to keep the card games separate and all in 1 box.

Store Board Games

This is such a cool idea. I would have never thought of it! Plastic scrapbook paper containers make perfect sense for game boards – they’re the perfect size! You can fit whole games inside them like Trouble! It is a great way to keep your favorite games together with the corresponding game boards.

Hanging Closet Organizer

Using a hanging closet organizer can be a really great option to not having much space. You could use the hall closet or coat closet for this and then choose the type of hanging closet organizer that works the best in case you cannot devote a whole closet to your game room. Here are a few that I really like to keep games tidy:

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How do you manage board game storage in your home? Do you have a great example of game organization you want to share? We are always up to hear the best board game storage ideas…please add them in the comments!