{Boy & Girl} Shared Bedroom Ideas

Do you have a houseful?  We do.

Here are ideas on how to have siblings share a room, *especially* if they are opposite genders.  Your kids can share a space while maintaining their own “zones”.

Love these…

Boy and Girl Shared Rooms


shared bedroom ideas

Loft Level.  Instead of building a set of bunk beds, consider making a loft “level”.  Basically make a whole mini-floor for your kiddo’s top bunk.  I love this layout!

Pick Primary Colors.  If your kids need to share a room make it one that both genders can feel comfortable in!  I love how the primary colors are fun, how the beds are on the floor (great for newly out of the crib kiddos) and the storage of toys on the wall and even the closet pole along the wall.

Curtain it off.  I think of privacy curtains for hospital rooms.  But they are perfect for rooms with multiple genders too!  Help your kids have privacy and yet be with their sibling!
8 shared kids bedroom ideas

Separate the room with Wallpaper  via IKEA.  It is easy to see where “the line” is between these two sister’s “zones” in their room.  This is a great way to visually add distinction without any special beds/construction.

Make a room-within-a-room.    We have friends who have older kids share a room (mixed gender) their home is cozy and this is a perfect way to give the kids privacy even in limited space.  I love how Gon was able to fit three kids into his room with built-in bunks.

8 shared kids bedroom ideas

Create a closet Hideout – What a fun way to give your kids their own play spaces in a shared bedroom.  Create lofted nooks in your closet.  This is perfect for bedrooms that use dressers or have double closets!

Go triple.   Stack your kids into a room.  This link goes to a tutorial on how to make the bed (including rails).

Add layers.   This is a great idea for a room that currently does not have a closet.  Build a closet “box” and on top of the closet add a loft bed, with another bed off to it’s side.  This is a great way to give “zones” for your kids while they share a room and storage.

boy girl shared bedroom ideas - Kids Activities Blog


This shared nursery is so sweet for twin boys and girls! Love this room designed by Land of Nod. (affiliate)

Go gender-neutral in color, but not neutral color!  I love these bright colors from this article about shared space from Apartment Therapy.

Novogratz original.  I adore the Novogratz style and this is no exception.  Three kids in one glorious room.

Two beds and a loft {affiliate link} – this adorable idea which I want is from Pottery Barn Kids.

Bunk bed gone king – Accommodating 3 kids in a bunk bed can be tricky.  Here is our solution that could be modified for boy/girl shared space.

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