Are you looking for a new Lego Hack or some Lego Storage Ideas? I swear our legos are taking over the house and multiplying when I am not looking! This Lego stool doubles as a kiddo chair, a step to reach things that are high on shelves, and has a storage well under the lid. It is also the perfect place to hide a couple of Lego kits that are “just theirs” that they want to enjoy – They get to play and you get more organized!

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diy lego world in a chair

DIY Lego Storage

To make this LEGO Storage you will need:
  • A Nifty Storage Stool – we got ours at Ikea
  • Liquid nails – and a calking “gun”
  • Lego building plate – Get the big base ones
  • Small Hack Saw
  • Steel Wool
lego storage that you can make with ikea

Lego Hack

Instructions: In a few simple steps you will create a stool that your child can sit on that converts into a play area AND storage space for LEGOs. That is some serious multi-tasking for one cute little stool! To start, you cut the LEGO building plate down to size. It should match the inside portion of the lid of the stool. The plastic is pretty easy to saw through.  I started the “groove” and my tween did the manual cutting for me.   After you have it cut to fit the lid you will need some steel wool to rub along the cut edges to remove any of the plastic “bits” that are left over. You need to remove them so the base plate lays flat in the lid. Next, use the Liquid nails to attach the building plate to the lid stool. You can use cans of food to hold it tightly in place until the liquid nails dry.  You have to let the lid set undisturbed for 48 hours for the glue to cure.   If your kids are like mine, they will be pulling at the base plate a ton. Don’t be hasty. It pays to wait! lego stroage hack that you can make When you are done, toss your kids favorite LEGO kits inside the stool and let your child start playing! They can sit on it when not in use or climb on the stool to reach toys that are stored on higher shelves. We love that this is a small scale Lego table, that  allows for easy clean up, so the child can manage on his own. Do you have a favorite LEGO storage hack? Share your own photos and ideas on our Facebook page! If you are looking for another option, you will love this 2 in 1 Activity Table with Lego Board. It’s perfect for any LEGO enthusiast.

More Lego Fun

lego soap your kids can make Did you and your family enjoy this DIY lego tutorial? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page. 

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