The month of September, the ninth month of the year, is often seen as one of new beginnings, thanks to the fact that it is the start of a brand new school year in the United States. After everyone’s had a great time as summer vacations come to an end, the 1st of September also marks the first day of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

Black and white September calendar printable decorated with autumn designs such as clouds, and a leaves;  lying on top of a blue-green sheet with multicolored letters on a light brown background.

Blank September Calendar Pages to Print

I love planning every month to a T, and if you are just like me, you’ll love our September calendar templates. I am excited to share it in both black and white and full-color calendar format with a simple design.

Click on the link to download your free printable September calendars, available as PDF files –> September blank printable calendar

Perhaps you want to use it as a holiday calendar (and all other free calendar templates) as a way to track national holidays, like Labor Day (September 2). Or maybe you prefer a blank September calendar design to track special events. What about tracking more days celebrated around the world, like the International Day of Peace (September 21)? Or perhaps any special occasions, special days, or a special event that needs to be at the top of your schedule. Well, these printable September monthly calendars are a good idea to track those too!

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Thanks to this simple calendar template, you can track just about anything you’d like, and best of all, it’s a free download available as a PDF file, viewable with programs such as Adobe Reader. 


Screenshot of a full-color September calendar printable decorated with summer designs such as leaves.
Don’t forget Labor day on September 2; it’s the only federal holiday during the month

Our colorful September calendar design is perfect for those who love to bring a bit of color to planning their month.


Screenshot of a black-and-white September calendar printable decorated with summer designs such as leaves.
our free September calendars are available in both color and black-and-white!

Our black-and-white September calendar template provides a classic look that’s perfect for those who prefer simplicity. Let your kids have a blast using crayons and colored pencils to color their own calendar!

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SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR September Calendar Coloring Pages

How to Make the Most of Your Free Printable September Calendars

Now that you’ve got your hands on these fantastic September month calendars for all your important dates, here are a few tips to make them even more versatile:

1. Laminate for Durability: Consider laminating your monthly planner template to protect it from wear and tear. This way, you can use it year after year without worrying about wrinkles.

2. Use Markers: Color-code your important events and appointments using markers. It’ll make it easier to spot your plans at a glance.

3. Personalize with Notes: Leave ample space for notes and reminders. Jot down your monthly plans and to-do lists, or use it as a university planner!

4. Print in Different Sizes: Our calendars come in standard paper size (US letter), but you can also adjust the printing settings to fit your needs, whether it’s a wall calendar, pocket-sized planner, or office bulletin board.

Get your hands on these free printable September calendars in PDF format. They’re perfect for personal use, whether you are keeping track of work schedules or managing your school year.

DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE September Calendar Coloring Pages PDF FILE

September Blank Printable Calendar


Did you find these printable September calendars useful?

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