If you have LEGO bricks, you likely have storage issues…they are everywhere! We have made a LEGO table {or three, in my case}, created a LEGO play mat and shown our LEGO closet storage system. But as moms with tons of LEGOs in the house, we know that not everything works for every kid or every family. nifty lego storage ideas

LEGO Brick Storage for Play

My preschooler especially enjoys sorting the LEGOs  by color.  While his brother builds, he makes piles.   Time to use that gift and find a new system to try and contain all the tiny landmines pieces. We used a shoe storage bag! <—affiliate link I did not realize just HOW many LEGO bricks  we had until we tried this new system.   We still have a small bucket filled with pieces off on the side, but now my older kids (who care about things like matching colors) can find the piece they are looking for without a complete bin search. nifty lego storage ideas

How to Organize  LEGOs by Color

Each pocket is devoted to a color or type of piece.  Because it is clear, it is easy to see what is inside. I think their favorite slot is the one with all the mix-matched and arm-missing lego minifigures.   The characters are their favorites. nifty lego storage ideas

LEGO Activities

Have lots of LEGO bricks?  We have some ideas for you!  Like this post about LEGOs?  >We have more LEGO activities for kids! Some of our favorites are to learn skip counting with LEGOs, build a tic tac toe board,  or make minifigure beds! Check out 26 Ways to Organize Toys!

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